Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Magnum p.i, then MacGyver! How many more shows from the 80's are we getting back on tv? And when are we getting them??????

It's been Magnum p.i. on channel 7, and now MacGyver is back on channel 10.

Talk about nostalgia. I know CBS screens eps of MacGyver online, and now we're screening them on tv.
Ahhhhh, time to remember the good old days.
It's true you know. That's all he needed to do anything. Fly a plane, dismantle a bomb. You name it, he did it!
And if I say so, he looked good doing it. The original action man.
However, I'm old enough to remember Richard from his General Hospital Days, as Dr. Jeff Webber. Brother-in-law of Dr. Leslie Webber, husband to Dr. Heather Webber.
Ahhh, those so weren't the days!!!!!
But my fondest and most lengthiest memories, are of Stargate!
The original movie was good enough, with Kurt Russell, but Richard MADE the character!!!!!
And he's to ONLY reason I watched all 8 seasons of the show.
I didn't like it when he left, and stopped watching the show after that.
Jewels xxoo
p.s - can you say ...... muscles!!!!!


  1. Talking about old shows coming back on TV... there will be a new, modern Melrose Place! LMAO! With Ashlee Simpsons in it. Can you say promising in a vomitting way?!

  2. OMG! McGyver's back... this recession is killing programming...

  3. It's not just the recession. Weekends are usually filled with sport or crap shows anyway. They think no one's home on the weekend.

    I also think, channel 10 bought back MacGyver because channel 7 was showing Magnum. The networks here are always trying to outdo each other with programming.

    And if the show was screened all those years ago on that network, then they pull them out of the vaults and show them again.

    What was so 80's, is now so retro!


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