Sunday, August 16, 2009

CSI New York's Carmine Giovinazzo's band Ceesau and a possible fanclub!!!!

So a while ago I sent Ceesau/Michael Brasic a letter, asking about a Ceesau fanclub. Here's the letter -

Hi Michael,

As an avid fan of Carmine and Ceesau, I post pics and articles in support of him and all of you at my blog, and a follower of mine suggested that we should start a Carmine fanclub.

Now, I don't know if there is one, or if Carmine has any intention of setting one up, but I thought I'd get a letter along to you, inquiring whether Ceesau ever thought of starting a fan club?

I know, sounds old fashioned right? Considering you've got a website and MySpace and all. It doesn't have to be much, and I have suggestions -

- A sign up page at so fans can leave their details and email adds.
- A fan card with a pic of the band, name, and logo, along with the fans name and membership number.
- A quarterly newsletter, can be a pdf by email or printed and sent out to us, letting us know what all of you guys are up to in your own lives as well as the bands.

So for example -

- the cover is the Ceesau name and logo, like at the website.
- 1st page is an index and hello to the fans from you guys
- 2nd and 3rd pages can tell us what Ceesau is up to, have pics we haven't seen, let us know how the recording of the cd is going or album sales and where it's selling. Have written lyrics of a song, because as much as we love Carmine, we cannot understand what he's singing, so we need to know the lyrics so we can sing along.
- 4th page, let us know what Carmine's up to on New York, how the filming's going, guest stars etc.
- 5th page can be about you and how your other bands are going and the mischief you're getting into.
- 6th page for John and the shows he's doing and info on him.
- 7th page for Stephen and what he's up to.
- 8th page for whoever else has joined or helped out, or just what's in the next issue, or even just a thank you page with a new photo we haven't seen, or even new merchandise that's coming, or stuff you can advertise such as new interviews or upcoming functions, or even pics of fans.


I know, it sounds like a lot, and while is great, it would be nice to have something we can hold in our hands, or print out to keep. Unless of course you've already thought about all of this and decided to just keep the website open for everyone.

Can we at least get the fan membership card and maybe a brooch or pin or even dog tags (one of Carmine's favs) to say we're members? Just some thoughts, since I'm all the way over in Aus, but I know there's fans everywhere. And quite honestly, I'd have NO IDEA how to start setting up a fanclub!

Jewels Diva xxoo

p.s. let Carmine know that if he needs any ideas for new merchandise that I dabble in jewellery design. You could sell - earrings - pendants - dog tags - brooches - bracelets - cuffs - watches - rings - belt chains - belt buckles - keyrings - bag clips - and what happened to the hats Carmine had planned years ago - the list could very well be endless!!!


So I finally received this very short reply from Michael -

wow! Those are some great ideas thank you! We will take them all under consideration... Thanks for all your love and support!



So that's it. I have no idea if there's going to be a Ceesau fanclub, or what they've got planned, but at least I have planted the seed........


Jewels xxoo


  1. Well, they sort of already had thought of something similar because some people said they received a t-shirt along with the CD when they received their purchase. But even though they sold a lot of discs so far, I bet the production of those things, H&S, etc. must be costy...

    Though they could always get inspired by AFI. They have a membership called The Despair Faction that allows the fans to get special merchandise if they are members on the internet and during the tours, they have a monthly magazine, a special place on the forum where the members can ask questions directly to the band, etc. It also makes them elligable for Meet and Greets. The membership fee is only 30$ which is reasonnable considering all the stuff you can get.

  2. I remember reading on their website that you received a free autographed pic if you bought a tshirt, but the cd was seperate, so if they got tshirts they would've bought them as well.

    But a membership card or something to say we are their groupies would be nice!


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