Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CSI New York is NO LONGER back on Australian tv!!!!! FUCK YOU CHANNEL 9!!!!!!

So here we go again. Channel 9 here in Australia, has once again taken CSI New York OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!

The cast may have celebrated their 100th ep, but we'll be lucky if we even see it!!!!
CHANNEL 9 ARE ABSOLUTE PAINS IN MY ARSE. They stop and start shows, yank them off air after one ep, axe them, change them, re-arrange them, and THEN tell us that the show's not getting enough veiwers.


How the fuck can a show get viewers if you keep yanking the damn thing off.

And channel 10 does the same thing with Numb3rs, started the new season then yanked it off. And I have no idea if that will come back. They show NCIS (my Mikey) and go into repeats when the season has finished. Mikey makes it rate well, but then you can't blame millions of women for wanting to perve at him.

Channel 9 shows all CSIs, and treats Miami like shit as well. They started showing The Mentalist on a Sunday night, it rated well, changed it to Wednesday night (opposite Criminal Minds) and IT BOMBED!!!! I had to tape it while I watched CM on channel 7.

Which brings me to channel 7, they show CM on Wednesdays these days, and now that season 4 has finished (poor Hotch got shot) they're repeating eps, which does well in ratings.

We have a lot of CBS shows, considering CBS has got the most shows over the other American networks.

Channel 7 shows - The Amazing Race, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whiperer, How I Met Your Mother.

Channel 9 shows - 48 Hours, The Big Bang Theory, Cold Case, CSIs, The Mentalist, New Adventures old Christine, Survivor, Two and half Men, Without a Trace.

It used to show Young and Restless, but that was kicked off!!!!!

Channel 10 shows - Harper's Island (but treated like shit by the network), Medium (which was picked up by CBS not long ago), NCIS, Numb3rs, Rules of Engagment, Bold n Beautiful and David Letterman.

It also had, over the years, Jericho, Melrose Place, 90210, and Twin Peaks. And we had our own Big Brother until it got the axe last year!!!!!
Over the years we've had our own The Price is Right, and we currently have our own 60 Minutes.

But regardless of all of that, and their promises of all these great shows that will screen every year and then don't, ALL OF THE NETWORKS ARE ARSEHOLES!!!!!!!!

I had to tell Carmine his show wasn't on AGAIN!!!!!!. He didn't take it well!!!!!!

And decided to take the matter into his own hands and use the power of persausion!!!!

Also known as a gun!!!!!

And then he recruited Eddie to help him take down the head of channel 9, and teach him a lesson in tv programming etiquette!!!!

And when he came home, he bragged all about it as he told me the ''tricks'' he used on the network programmer.

He was so proud!!!!

Dontcha just love him!!!!!!
Jewels xxoo


  1. Good job, Carmine!!! That shall teach 'em, those little fuckers!!! How can they expect people to watch a show when the episodes are all fucked up and they know it will be yanked off again and again and again! They better listen to Carmine and Eddie because if they have to come back a second time... it won't be pretty, oh no. They'll go crazy nuts on their arses.

  2. you need the following:

    General Programming & Content Complaints
    To make a specific complaint regarding general programming matters (such as program content, classification issues, time occupied by non-program matter, program promotions etc) please direct your complaint in writing to:

    The Programming Department
    Channel Nine
    In Your Local City

    NSW Viewers: PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068
    Vic Viewers: PO Box 100 Richmond, Vic 3121
    QLD Viewers: PO Box 72 Brisbane, QLD 4001

    Details To Include
    You should include your name, address and if possible, a daytime phone number. Complaints cannot be addressed by Channel Nine unless they are submitted in this way.

  3. If Carmine is that persuasive please please please have him send his influence this way and get LOST back on before January. LOL.

  4. Cyn - oh yes, he will go crazy on their arses!!!

    Al - already done, and complained to my local staion, they could not give a shit what viewers want!!!

    Jennymac - not sure whether he'd do it for another show on a rival network, but I'll ask him anyway,lol.

  5. Have to agree with every single word you said. The other thing that really, really annoys me is that having showed it one week, they then still advertised it in TV Week for the next two weks, even though it wasn't on. Doesn't that come under some Convention or Treaty or something as mental cruelty above and beyond anyone's capabilities?



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