Friday, August 7, 2009

CNBC's Erin Burnett sucks it up as she claims it was a joke. It was no joke, and we AUSSIES'S HATE YOUR GUTS!!!

Something recently happened on American tv, that I will let you all know about before having my say!!!!

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been labelled a serial killer on US TV. Erin Burnett, an anchor on American financial news channel CNBC, launched a verbal attack targeting Rudd following his government's decision to spend $A19 million to cull feral camels in the outback.......

"There is a serial killer in Australia and we are going to put a picture up so we can see who it is," a stern-faced Burnett said during a segment on CNBC on Tuesday.

A large photo of Rudd was then shown.

"That would be the prime minister of Australia Kevin Rudd," Burnett said. "OK well do you know what he is doing? He has launched air strikes - air strikes - against camels in the outback."

Burnett, with a stuffed toy camel sitting in front of her, broke away from her usual analysis of stock movements on Wall St to vent about the camel cull. She raised the issue during a segment with CNBC's colourful financial guru Jim Cramer.Burnett said there are one million camels living wild in Australia and the animals would be shot.

"They are slaughtering them?" Cramer, looking shocked, asked Burnett.

"They are slaughtering them," Burnett replied.

She also complained the meat and milk from the camels would be wasted. "Apparently there is a billion dollars of meat out there," Burnett said.

"Are they going to do anything with it?" Cramer asked.
"No. They're just slaughtering them," she said.

"That's genocide. Camelcide," Cramer commented.

Burnett then told Cramer she hoped Australians would see her segment. "I hope they have this on in the morning in Australia," she said.

As the discussion came to a close the photo of Rudd re-appeared on the screen.

"There he is," Burnett said. "That is the man who approved it."

Burnett is a former anchor with Bloomberg TV and a vice president at financial company Citigroup. She has a loyal male following in the US and is a favourite of US men's magazine Maxim.

In 2007 she posed for a risque photo shoot for Maxim that included a topless cover. She also made Maxim's top 10 "Hottest News Anchor" list.

So, now is the time for me to get VERRRRYYYYY BITTTCCCHHHYYYYY!!!!!

For those that read this blog, you know MANY THINGS piss me off no end!!!!

And as much as I hate our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, calling him a serial killer is the dumbest thing known to man!!!!!!

I've called him a lot of things, but not that.

So here we go peoples, buckle in and hold on tight!!!!!



Seriously, Erin Burnett, who the fuck DO YOU think you are. Stating that we are launching an AIR STRIKE against 1 MILLION rogue camels that are destroying our outback.

First off, you extremely dumb bitch, WE don't launch air strikes, let alone against fucking camels! What a fucking waste of money and time that would be!!!!

Secondly, why don't you try getting your facts straight before opening your stupid fucking mouth and making a complete and total dick of yourself!!!!!!

Thirdly, what we do in this country to keep our sustainability going is ALSO none of your fucking business!!!

Fourthly, those 1 million camels destroy 14 million dollars worth of fences, food and crops each year that the Australian public DON'T GET!!!! The farmers are constanly redoing fences and it costs US!!! THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA'S TAX PAYING CITIZENS!!!!!

Kevin Rudd is a lot of things, but a serial killer, he is not. You obviously have no idea about Australia and what we do, and how we do it, but I KNOW for a fact, that America has it's own problems with wild and rogue animals.

So why don't you try shutting your mouth and sorting out your own country's problems before shooting your mouth off about ours?

Singer, Pink, did the same thing over our sheep, and when she finally bothered to find out why we do it, she apologised. But then, she was coming here to do 50+ concerts so she obviously felt the need to make amends.

So Erin, now you're saying that you were joking. Your deadpan jokes obviously don't go down to well on tv. Which is why you're now claiming it was a joke. Because we've all blasted the shit out of you and you're now feeling the pain of our Aussie wrath.

That'll teach you, you factless, brainless, idiotic bitch.

I hope you lose your job over this, SO GO BACK TO APPEARING IN MAXIM MAGAZINE!!!!

Sucked in!!!

Jewels xxoo

ps - I sent a letter to CNBC -


could you please fire Erin Burnett, for her stupidly thought out ''supposed deadpan joke'' about Australia, camels and Kevin Rudd.

As a proud Australian, I'm not only appalled, but thoroughly disgusted, that such an educated person could shoot their mouth off so freely without knowing all the facts.

But the fact is, Erin should have kept her idiotic big mouth shut and not said anything. She has no idea what goes on in this country, and so has no rights to indulge in her juvenile behaviour on international tv, by ridiculing Australia, and how it copes and deals with wild animls.

1 million wild camels cause $14 million worth of damage each year. Why the hell should farmers have to continually fix their fences and renew their crops.

And ALL of Australia's tax payers pay for it.

Erin needs to keep her mouth shut when it comes to things she has no idea about.

Sack her, or get her off the air!!!

Jewels Diva.


  1. Wow. I wonder why she didn't say any "deadpan jokes" about Palin shooting wolves from her fucking helicopter. I bet THAT is not a fucking waste of money and waste of wildlife. Clearly, that Erin is not the smartest slut on the block.

    And CRAMER. OH, CRAMER. That's another one that should loose his fucking job.

    I can't believe CNBC give jobs to fucking incompetent stupid twatted bitches (that includes Cramer) when there's just so many out there, with a brain and with the facts right, dying to have a job in this bad economy.

  2. Yep, I can't believe it either. But she said it, and now she's back tracking by saying it was a joke.



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