Monday, August 24, 2009

Bloggers who receive dumb-arse comments from ''Anonymous''!

Today, I would like to talk about people who post idiotic comments on blogs.

Since joining Blogger, and setting up Bitchfest, I have joined several other blogs that I've liked the look of, or have enjoyed the postings of the authors.

However, there is a problem which seems to affect many....

And that's posters who leave comments that make absolutely no sense, have nothing to do with the post by the author, or are generally disgusting and foul mouthed.

Now authors of blogs have every right to say what they want on their blog. Although Google has just been taken to court over one blogger's revoltingly bad posts about a particular model. Who was called all sorts of things for absolutely no reason. Well the model has now found out the blogger's name but dropped the lawsuit.

The whole point seems to be namimg and shaming. And yes, it has made me think about what I say here.

Now the worst words I've used have been nowhere near what that poor model was called, and I only base my post on what the celebrity has said or done on tv, radio etc. I have in no way made up my insults to people, I've stated the truth, and added my thoughts to it.

But back to my original thoughts.

At this point, I think I go through the blogs I've joined about once a fortnight. If there is something I can relate to then I comment. If I don't know about what the author has written, then I don't leave a comment. If I can't relate, then there's no need to leave a post. But every now and then, I leave a simple message giving congrats, or making some small comment in agreement or leaving my thoughts on the post.

But there's people who have no idea.

I made a post about cancer about 6 weeks or so ago, or maybe more by now, and ''anonymous'' decided to leave a message that completely sucked. In no way was it constructive, it insulted me in quite a bad way, and quite frankly was not needed or wanted on this blog.

Then recently, just a few posts ago, another ''anonymous'' left a comment about how my blog sucked. It had nothing to do with the post, but ''anonymous'' thought it was relevant. I told ''anon'' to piss off and not bother.

Now, some bloggers thrive on those people that get stupid, get anonymous and leave idiotic comments. Bloggers make posts about what some people don't have the guts to admit to saying, but some post comments with their name, and they're no better than all the ''anonymous's''.

Either people need to stop being stupid, ie: all the ''anonymous''' out here, or stop making comments if you have no fucking idea.

Say hi, great blog. How are you doing, congrats, hope you get better, blah, blah, blah. There are so many things you can write without making yourself look like a fucking dickwit!!!

If you have no idea about what the author has written, don't leave a comment. If you get what got written, then leave a constructive, fairly polite message.

Don't leave some dumb-arse comment that you're too gutless to leave your name to, and expect it to be left there by the author of the blog.

You're all stupid, gutless cowards who have no idea how to string a sentence together, and obviously are jealous of the authors popularity depicted by all the other comments left by posters who actually KNOW what they're talking about.

If you've got no idea, don't leave a comment. Fuck off back under the rock you bothered to crawl out from under, just because you got pissed off with being alone and needed to shit all over everyone else just to make yourself feel better.

If you sign in as anonymous to this blog, feel free to leave a polite comment. Don't scrape the bottom of your rock for some shit comment just to make your day, because it will be deleted if it's insulting to me, my followers or generally disgusting.

If you're signed in as you, welcome, please leave a comment and have a nice day.

Jewels xxoo


  1. I don't understand why they have to be anonymous. I wonder if they would make a rude comment if they were face-to-face with the author of the blog. I think not.

    I also hate bloggers that leave a comment telling people to come visit their blog. No comment about the author's post. I find that disrespectful.

  2. I think if you don't have a blog or an account, then you can reply as anonymous, but if you do, then it's pretty gutless when you write something and don't admit to it.

    Yeah, self advertising is a problem. But if you comment about the post, then mention you'd posted about it yourself, then add the link.

  3. i dont really get the whole anonymous thing. I mean its basically the person saying im a pathetic loser that spends my time trawling the internet for people that i can make feel as shit as i feel.... wow what a life they lead!!


  4. LMAO!

    Did you do the ''L'' on your forehead with your thumb and forefinger?


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