Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Australia. Why are they here? And when do they leave?

So Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have bought little cutie Suri down to Australia for three months while Katie does a movie.

Who gives a shit?

I don't!

So I thought I'd write Tom a letter -


you don't deserve a hello, or a dear Tom because you don't deserve it, and I don't think that much of you. If at all, which I don't. Well, okay, just enough to bother writing this letter, in the post!

Now we all know why you're here. Little wifey Katie wanted to do a movie here in Aus, but you, being the scientology control freak you are, had to come along.

Scared that she'd have fun without you Tom? Worried that she'd find another man to make her miserable in her almost non-existant life?

Not to worry, of course you made the time to come as well, and obviously Katie has not been out of your sight since arriving. You were pictured at the aquarium watching sharks swim, must have been like looking in the mirror! You were pictured at the football together, you were pictured celebrating your birthday together.

You always do everything together. There's a pattern there Tom, a pattern you seriously need to look into. And not a pretty pattern you can decorate with, a pattern of control issues and abuse. But then, you ARE a Scientolofreak!

You're also not that liked anymore Tom. Not by me, not by most of the world, not by most of Hollyweird, and certainly NOT by your wife ,Little Katie.

We don't care that you're here, and we can't wait for the day you leave. In fact, we may throw a party the minute the plane takes off, and pray that it crashes, oops, is that going overboard? I think not!

Well, goodbye Tom, adios, get nicked and piss off, and DON'T have a safe journey home!

Never one of your nutso fans, Jewels

p.s - you don't deserve my usual kisses and hugs, so get stuffed!


  1. i fucking hate him. i hope his house catches on fire when he is here so he has to fly home and leave katie and suri here.. then she will fall in love with a surburban man that will promise her love and no religion bullshittery... then tommy will be detained over there and she will live here happily ever after. the end.

  2. LMAO!!! What a great letter to him! He needs some reality checks and probably a stay at a mental hospital too. I can't help but feel pity for Katie, to be a "prisoner" of this insane man...


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