Sunday, July 26, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!! I'm SOOOOOO crushing on some other guy right now!!!!!!

So you know that I'm married to the gorgeously gorgeous Michael Weatherly, and have my Italian Stallion lover, Carmine Giovinazzo, but I must admit a secret.
I have a crush on someone else!!!


Well, not really, see, I tend to get a crush every so often on some guy from some show.

When I stopped to think about it a few years ago, I realised it was actually the character I was getting the crush on.

Except for Mikey and Carmie of course.

Anyhoo, my current crush is Agent Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds.

Yeah, I know. I just wish he'd stop frowning!!!!!!!

I've done Horatio Caine, Warrick Brown, Don Epps, Patrick Jane etc, etc, It seems to be CBS peeps, since we get ALOT of CBS shows.

Seeing a theme here????????????

So now, I'm inflicting myself into the storyline of Criminal Minds, and making myself a part of the show.

Of which I have a really cool idea about all of the CBS dramas. I get to be a character in each of them, with a continuing theme for my character, resulting in the final showdown, blah, blah, blah. Can't go into too many details in case someone steals the idea, but you get it.

So I'm really crushing on Hotch right now. I preferred Chicago Hope over ER, and the sad thing is ... when Dharma and Greg was on .... I watched it! Poor Thomas, how could he?
A Doctor, A Lawyer, A FBI Agent.

So not the same person!!!!!

So diff!!!!!

So I'm a cheating little hussy of a tart!!!!!

So crushing, Jewels xxoo


  1. I don't watch Criminal Mind that often but I've been watching lots of Law and Order : SVU and I'm liking Detective Elliot Stabler!

  2. Forgot to mention : Had a TV crush for Horacio too LOL But I can't seem to find anything for Mac. But I had a crush for Grissom and Warrick!

  3. Elliot's pretty hot, how's his muscles!!!!! Maybe could beat out Carmine and his guns!!!!

    Never had a thing for Grissom, but 5 minute crushes on Warrick and Horatio!

    So got a crush on Hotch right now!!!!!


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