Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Letter to The Footy Show's Sam Newman!

Hahahahaha, I'm really getting into writing letters, as you would know by the ones I've done previously. However, I don't send them all. But this one I did.

I just sent off a letter to Sam Newman, showing my support for him during his time of ... grief.

Letter as follows -

Dear Sam,

concerning the incident from last week, with the thick as a brick shit house female who thought she could squeeze her too large a car into a too small a spot, she deserved the mouthful of abuse you gave her!

Good onya Sam!!!!! I'm with you all the way.I even posted my thoughts about this situation at my blog -

As if everyone else isn't. They'd be hypocrites if they claimed they wouldn't have a go, because 99% of us would, at the person who dinged our car if we caught them.

She obviously believed she was smart enough to do it, but proved she was a typical brainless bimbo. Was she blonde? Because that would explain everything.

We all know that a man's most prized possession, besides his dick, is his car. You wash it and wax it, take care of it and talk to it, stroke it and hold it. Seriously Sam, if you didn't want it damaged, you shouldn't have taken it out.

Your car, that is. Although in your case ......

I'm on your side Sam. People whinge and complain about your language and way of doing things, and yet all three networks continue to let the sexual innuendos and crap out of the mouths of morning show hosts. No one complains about them, but they complain about you.


You may be an overgrown schoolboy, and like most boys, you thrown tantrums when nothing goes your way, or your toys are broken. But smacking your door into her car probably damaged your car more than what she did.

Now, you're in trouble again. What for? Smacking your door into another car. Big fucking deal. For absusing the person who smacked her door into yours and walked away without checking for damage or apologising and offering to pay for it. The bitch deserved it!

How the hell are you in trouble for an everyday incident that 99% of people deal with on a weekly basis?

Did you hit her? Touch her? Go near her?

I know you can't talk about it, so I'll let you go now. But do remember this, most people love you, and are on your side.

You go Sam!

Jewels Diva xxoo

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