Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My gorgeously gorgeous husband, NCIS star, Michael Weatherly celebrates his 41st birthday. YAY!

So when me and my gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael, woke up this morning, we celebrated his 41st birthday.

He got so excited, he just couldn't help himself!

However, when I tried to join him in the shower, he told me where to go and ordered me out. Must be because he didn't get the present he wanted!

But when I told him his present was due to arrive tonight, and he'd love it so much, he was quite surprised. He received many a letter from co-workers, although he was happy to find my letter tucked into his suit jacket pocket. It's his favourite shade of red too.
Upon arriving home, he also had a surprise for me .... oh my .....
Looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday today as well .... oooh .... uhhhh ..... oh my .....

a very sexually aroused Jewels xxoo


  1. HAHAHAHA! Well, I wonder if that would make Carmine jealous and make it up to you after that Marcil accident?! Psh! lol

  2. Carmine who??????????

    Lol, what's he been up to, who knows coz I don't. That little shit tells me nothin'. Just smiles that toothy grin of his and sets his Italian charms on me.

    But today is Mikey's bday, it's all about him.

    Carmine who??????????

  3. LMAO! Damn that Italian, huh. He can get away with everything with a smile!

    Hope you had lots of fun with those handcuffs LOL


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