Friday, July 3, 2009

More CSI New York's Carmine Giovinazzo Ceesau goodies!

I was scouring online and found these, so I thought I would help share the Carmine / Ceesau goodness. Thanks to those that had posted them.

The second last pic is in Carmine's backyard!


  1. Those are very good pictures, they look like you had taken them yourself! ... let's start a fan club ;)

  2. Ha,ha, ha lol. No, I didn't take them. And isn't there already a Carmine fanclub!?!?!?!

    Mmmmm, must think about that!

  3. Can't believe I missed this!!!

    The first picture is cute much!

    And the picture of Carmine's backyard... 'sup with the statue, huh? lol It always crak me up when I see it XD

    By the way, you could have the official aussie Carmine Giovinnazo fanclub? If there isn't one yet? lol xD

  4. Well, as for the fanclub, I might have sent off a letter to Michael Brasic about it!

    By the way Cyn, there was a Carmine post before this that you missed!


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