Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kyle and Jackie O are in a shithole once again!!

Okay, so I'm going to weigh into the whole Kyle and Jacki O shit that's been going on.
On most radio stations around the country, they do lie detector tests, where you can take your partner, child etc, into the studio, have them strapped to the detector, and ask them questions to find out the truth.

Kyle and Jackie have even done it.
Now, aking a 14 year old girl about sex and smoking pot, may be one thing, her mother was there with her and wanted to know the answers, but seeing that the girl is squirming in her seat, should tell you, she's embarrassed and afraid.
They continued, because the mother wanted the answers.
They asked the girl if she'd been having sex, and finally, after trying to get out of answering, the girl said that she was raped at 12.
Now, after some floundering, Kyle stupidly said, ''is that your only experience.''
Stupid, I know.
However, the mother said she knew about it after finding out about it a few months ago. The daughter was upset, wanted to know why her mother wanted to keep asking her when she knew the answer, but the mother kept pushing.
Now, if I was Kyle or Jackie, I would've turned on the dumb arse bitch of a mother, who dragged her in there and forced her to do it, and said to her, ''what the fuck do you think you're doing. You knew that she'd been assaulted and yet you drag her in here and do this to her.''
Kyle and Jackie have apologised, and claimed they didn't know about the assault, which the mother so obviously didn't tell them. But still.
It took Kyle and Jackie to offer therapy, to tell the girl if she needed counselling they had someone who could talk to her, and yet with all of this going on, STILL no one had a go at the mother and why she was doing that to her daughter.
I don't give a shit what prizes they were doing it for, I don't give a shit what Kyle and Jackie said or did, the point that most people keep passing over is the FACT, THAT THE MOTHER KNEW HER DAUGHTER WAS ASSAULTED, and yet she wanted to know if the daughter was having sex and doing drugs.
I believe Kyle and Jackie didn't really do anything wrong. The media is after Kyle and wants them sacked, and yet not too many people are having a go at the mother.
Although some ''media'' folk have said some things today, still.
Jewels xxoo


  1. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT MOTHER!!!" is absolutely what came to my mind!!!!!! Can she imagine what she put her daughter through?! DIS-GUS-TING! I've been sexually assaulted by my uncle and to tell my mother alone was a nightmare. And that was broadcast?! Poor girl!

    And why the fuck her mother still care about the drugs and all if she knows her daughter has been sexually assaulted. Never came to her mind that MAYBE she's doing it out of trauma? To "freeze" the pain? I'm so fucking disgusted by this mother.

    I believe at some point Kyle and Jackie should have put an end to the girl's suffering, though. Well, if they kept going after the girl confessed and the mother said "yeah I know". Didn't watch the thing.

  2. After the girl said it, and Kyle said the stupid thing he said, Jackie stopped it all and that's when they offered counselling, and they called it quits.

    Don't know what the mother did, but it sounded like she couldn't give a shit.

    Their website's - - then click on any state, and you go through to their site.

  3. finally, another sane person.

    No one is blaming the fucked up mother!!!! she knew and didnt say anything...

    no matter what kyle said after the girl said she was raped was going to cause drama. but he was in shock and what else would he have said?!

    media is fucked

  4. Yes it is. Now they want to sack him for what he did.

    What did he do, except ask questions the mother wanted answers to.

    Media IS fucked.

    But so is that mother!!!!!


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