Friday, July 3, 2009

Jim Stynes, pull your head out and get off tv, cancer does not mean the end of the world. And I don't give a crap that you've got it!

I know I'm going to possibly repulse people here, but so what! It's my blog.

Anyhoo, the captain of a football team has come out and told the world he has cancer. Everyone's crying, everyone's freaking out, everyone's going OH MY GOD!

Except me. Why? Because I don't give a shit, it's only cancer.

Now that may make me sound heartless, but I'm not. I know cancer is a disease that can take your life. It can also be a turning point when you survive. But seriously, just get on with it and stop whinging and whineing about having it.

To me, cancer has become an everyday disease. Why? Because everyday, someone is told they have it. So it no longer has an affect on me. It's like, so what, get treatment and deal with it.

Just being a human being means you can get cancer. Being a woman, I can get it in my boobs, my vag, my ovaries etc, but there's one way I can get it faster than that. Because I have moles!

Yes, as I have mentioned before, I am covered in them. The sun will burn you in 11 minutes, and a mole turns into a melonoma in 6 weeks. Facts from the Cancer Council of Australia. I counted them many years ago, and I came to 764 spots, moles and freckles. If ALL of my moles turned into melonomas in 6 weeks, I'd more than likely drop dead in that instant. I've had some removed, but I know many have formed since.

My mother had a melonoma. I was ten, and it formed from a small mole on her arm. Way back then, she needed to have a huge hole in her arm, covered by a skin graft from her leg. She didn't get all upset, woe is me and freak out. No! She had me to look after and a life to get on with.

I know cancer is serious, and you need to make sure your will and wants and needs are taken care of, but seriously, when you find out you've got it, don't tell the world, don't go on tv and blubber, don't crawl into a ball and never come out from under the covers.

Accept that you've got it, have a good cry, then get on with your daily life, have your therapy or pills and stop carrying on like it's the end of the world!

For God's sake, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow, but at least you can survive cancer. And having it ain't the end of the world.

It's just a pity that the tv, radio and print media carry on like pork chops when it comes to celebrities having cancer. Sometimes the media goes overboard. Have a bit of dignity, like Farah Fawcett. She got on with living and treatment, until she knew she couldn't do it any more.

There is a time for acting like a childish idiot later, but when you find out you've got cancer, it's time to get on with life and live for what you've got, not what you're about to lose.

Just make sure your will is in order, then get on with living life. Cause it's gone all too soon.

Jewels xxoo


  1. To the loser that just vomit above my comment : Oh, you so audacious to use vocabulary that you can't even sign with anything else but ANONYMOUS?! C'MON! You're so fucking LAME. If you don't know how to form an opinion and a statement, you better shut the fuck up and swallow it like more losers do in society. You can only stand up when you can do all that - and back your shit up without being AFRAID of it.

    By the way, can you AT LEAST learn how to fucking spell and use punctuation if you're going to drop your stupidity everywhere you go?! For fuck's sake.


    People going on TV about cancer and crying about it get on my nerves too. If it was to inform people about new medicines or new treatments that they have try and want to educate people about it because they've been through it, it's fine. Otherwise, there's a nation of people with cancer that are rolling with the punches and they don't fucking complain all the time about it. Cancer is hard, there was cancer in my family numerous time, and I think it's safe to say that by now most of us can say that too, but why focus on the negative things that will probably just make you die faster instead of the positive things?! I don't understand it. Our lives are ending one minute at a time whether we have cancer or not, so why not live it well and positively?! Tomorrow might just never come. And a life not live is still lost.

  2. Here, here, and I've deleted the above mentioned shit reply. Wonder if it's the same anon that replied to the csi post?

  3. fucking delta goodrem was just as bad.

  4. I remember the day after it was announced Delta had cancer, the news on the radio started off with - ''tributes are flowing in for Delta Goodrem'' - and I thought what the fuck, she's not dead fo Christ's sake!

    I think the media goes WAY OVERBOARD when it comes to celebs getting cancer, and yet some seem to get nothing. And little Joe Blows sure as hell get nothing!

    Oh well, the media needs to be named and shamed!

    Shame on you media! Shame, shame, shame!

  5. ahh i think yur comments are completely unfair towards Jim stynes as he was just annoucing it as he is a key figure in a high-profile sport in which and if he had wanted not to go and annouce it had to as it would have created all sorts rumours and he didnt proberly need that on stop of terrible disease, so next time i think u should think before u blog because you sound like a complete inhuman and asshole of a pserson

  6. just stumbled on this blog, and read it, and all i can say is that you and anyone who supports this point of view is dead set fucked in the head. You are are without a doubt a moron. Enough said.

  7. Oh anons, you just can't help yourselves.

    If any of you ACTUALLY bothered to read the WHOLE post, you'd see that I barely even mention Jim Stynes.

    The main point of the post was about Cancer itself, and how I think you should stop whinging about having it and get on with your life instead of wallowing in self pity.

    I'm at a very high risk of skin cancer, and I had a mole that was in the first stages of changing into cancer.

    But I haven't gone on about it. I just get on with life and not bother giving it the time of day.

    Ignore it and it will go away. The whole problem with people whinging is that they give the cancer more attention than it needs. They're focussing too much on the bad instead of the good.

    Have your treatment, get on with life, and shut the fuck up. We don't care, we have our own lives to live and don't need to hear about all of your shit.

  8. Karma is a bitch Jewels and so are you.

  9. Yes I am, and you clearly didn't read my reply above your post.

  10. Wow you are a fucking retard. I hope you rot in hell cos I won't give a shit. What an awful thing to say regardless. People like you don't deserve to live seriously.

  11. No're the fucking retard because you didn't have the balls to leave your name.


  12. I have recently been told that I would have 8 weeks to live.... I have been lucky enough to be treated and will live on for a bit longer.

    Until you have been given such news you cannot comment on what he has been going through. He has been getting on with it if you got your head out of yours and paid attention to what he was saying.

    Going thru what I am going thru actually helps me to hear other people's stories and that I may survive even win !!!

  13. Well Janine, if it's true then I hope you live a happy life till you go.

    My mother had cancer and survived it, I am high risk for skin cancer and neither of us wallow in it.

    Janine, have you had the press on your doorstep? Have you told the world time and time again you have cancer and are trying to get on with it? Or have you been ignored like the millions of other people who have cancer because you're not a celebrity?

    This blog was originally posted OVER A YEAR AGO! I was going by the media scrum then, but the problem now is I see it's started all over again.

    I'm not bagging Jim Stynes, clearly, once again, you posters aren't ACTUALLY realising the post is about cancer.

    I'm sick and tired of the media making out every celeb with cancer is more fucking important than they are. Or more fucking important than the millions of others going through it.

    They don't get the attention. They don't get the help. They don't get the media coverage like celebs do.

    I don't need to see the same cancer stricken celebs on tv time and time again telling their sob story. Get on with being happy, living your life and shutting the fuck up about it.

    And Janine, it's not the celeb stories that will get you through, it will be your determination and the fact you just aren't meant to die yet.

    I'm a big believer in when your time is up, it's up. We're born, we live, we die.

    We WILL ALL DIE one day, but how you get on with your life is your business and I don't want to fucking hear it because I have my own life to live and my own problems to deal with. I don't have the time or the energy to deal with the world's issues.

  14. I take it you have never had cancer you worthless piece of shit. A maggot like you could never understand the true pain and suffering these people and there families go through. Why don't you go stand in a children's ward in an oncology unit and tell them you don't give a shit.

    You think these people are whinging and whineing? what the fuck would you know!! until your own doctor tells you that you have cancer......Do us all a favour and shut your fucking face!!

  15. totally agree with the last post! you cold hearted mole, wait till one of your moles turn into cancer and see how you go! dont think being a fat mouth bitch, with you bitchfest! will save you, cancer doesn't descriminate! and don't try to tell us that you are just talking about the media either! have another look at the title of this blog! BITCH!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Anons, you don't have the balls to leave your name so fuck off.

    Adriana, this is my blog, and my post, whether it be a year old or not, so no, I won't remove it because people may be offended by it.

    If you're offended that's your issue to deal with, not mine. If you're offended or upset bugger off and don't read it.

  18. What a bitch you are Jewels. yep sure so many people get cancer and I see it first hand working where I do, every case is a bloody tragedy.
    Jim Stynes is a wonderful man, who has made a difference through his work to so many people. He is leaving a wonderful footprint behind, positive amazing things, unlike you who is just leaving nasty pathetic crap.

  19. and my name is Adrienne Adami and I live in Melb, nothing annonymous, i just bother to register to your sad little blog

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Adriana I agree with you.

    I truly wonder though whether someone as truly stupid and superficial as this idiot "social commentator" (a joke in itself Id say)
    would ever understand what you are saying


  22. Adrienne you're as big a knob as Adriana. And you were anonymous when leaving your first message because you didn't bother putting your name on it. Only when I pulled you up on it, did you leave your name.

    Any psychiatrist will tell you, if you get angry or annoyed because of what someone says or does, it's not them or what they said that makes you angry, IT'S YOU.

    If you're angry that's your business.

    We are all entitled to an opinion, you clearly don't agree with mine and I don't care.

    Being a commentator means saying what you believe, not saying what everyone else says or thinks or feels to keep the majority happy.

    And Adriana, you said "Causing unnecessary anger in people is a worry."

    You know what sweetheart, if you're angry, that's your problem to deal with, if you don't like it, fuck off and live your own life and leave me to mine.

  23. I posted my name straight after I posted the first msg, when I read your comments about someone else being annonymous. You are a liar , you didnt pull me up on it before I posted my name. You're the sad case . Making posts about cancer patients is below the belt. And likening yourself with I "may get skin cancer" to what Jim Stynes has got is laughable. I dont waste energy on anger mostly, but you take the cake with your sad celebrity bullshit. Try doing something worthwhile for a change. I bet Jim Stynes has made more of a positive difference to someone's life in one day than you could in your entire sad lifetime. I bet you delete this post. Then I will see what a total loser you really are. Adrienne.

  24. interesting as well that you deleted Adriana's post, truth may get a bit close for comfort Id say.


  25. Adrienne wrong on both counts. First, I won't delete your email because it will show you're a piece of shit, secondly, Adriana deleted her own post, and I deleted THE MESSAGE ABOUT IT BEING DELETED. There is a difference. Clearly you got to see the message before she deleted it and I saw it. Obviously she noted how bad she was looking because I never saw it.

  26. mutual admiration then. Im a "knob ", " a piece of shit" and masquerade by day and sometimes night as a palliative care nurse. You are just cheap and trashy and about as worthwhile as your dime store ugly jewels you try and flog on the internet. say whatever you fancy, I wouldnt waste any more time even looking at your blogs, and by the look of it, no one else really does either. Adrienne

  27. Well clearly you have me confused with someone else, and thanks for not coming back.

  28. The problem isn't that he has done this documentary and put it on TV, in relation to the cancer content. The problem is the other content of the doco. This idiot is proliferating the kind of stupidity I hate the most, alternative medicine.
    This dumb shit actually drinks his own urine and gives himself coffee enemas. Seriously, this is complete and utter stupidity. Because of his position in the public eye and the fact that people respect him means that he is giving credibility to moronic practices. This guy needs to be ridiculed to the extreme.
    Jim Stynes needs to fuck off.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.


  31. Best thing you can do sweetheart, is top yourself and donate your organs to people who make some sort of worthwhile contribution to this world. Except of course your heart, thats so damn ugly no one would want it.


  32. You have to wonder about a person that starts a blog like this.
    If you check out the other posts from this "fount of all knowledge" you will see what a sad f*ck she really is.

  33. Seriously arseholes, if you don't like me THAT MUCH, stop leaving messages and coming here.

    Cleary you cannot have an opinion on a subject without having a go at me. Oh wait, that's the only reason you show what morons YOU ARE!

    And believe me, the only sad fucks around here are the people leaving their replies as anonymous, and even if you do leave your name, you're no better than anyone else, especially once people read YOUR posts.

  34. Sadly hon, you can dish it out, but you cannot take it. If you start a blog purely to rip apart a dying man who you don't know, then be big enough to cop the backlash.

  35. Andy, clearly you have no fucking idea either. I started this blog long before Jim Stynes came out with cancer, and clearly you didn't read the post properly.

    My main gripe is with the media, I wrote three, YES PEOPLE, 3 fucking lines about Jim Stynes and gave him the title.

    So Andy, get YOUR fucking facts straight. This blog was going 6 months before I wrote this post and it's now over a year old so move the fuck on people.

    Oh, and I'm not the one with a private profile. Scared of people seeing what YOU write?

  36. OOOOOH, I can write whatever I want about other people, I can slander them and bitch about them and pull them to bits, but if anyone says anything back to me, I have a little hissy fit and tell them to go away.
    Your brain is as empty as your blog. Seriously, what makes you think that you are a "social commentator"? You are nasty vindictive spiteful bullshit artist
    who thinks she is Australia's Perez Hilton. Dont start things you cant deal with. Out of respect to Jim Styne's you ought to remove this topic.

  37. Andy, I didn't slander anyone, and you're obviously, like most others, not getting the point of the post.

    And as I've stated before, anyone who has comments on anything social is a social commentator.

    As for Perez, he lies and makes shit up, I don't. I didn't make anything up about Jim Stynes, I didn't slander or even demean.

    And since this post is over a year old, I'll state again, no, I'm not removing my posts because people who read it and leave bullshit replies are offended. If you're offended that's your problem not mine.

    But instead of leaving the blog when you don't like something you feel the need to lay your shit all over the place.

    Look up the definition on slander dickwad. I didn't slander Jim Stynes in any way, shape or form.

  38. You horrible person.

    Jim Stynes has never once complained publicly and is using his disease as an example to other people who have cancer or are affected by cancer, to fight for all you have.

    High profile people are a good example to the rest of the public you idiot.

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