Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jewels Diva Agony Aunt Advice Columnist!

I received an email today asking for advice. The letter wasn't signed, but I have a fair idea who it's from.


Dear Jewels,

I don't know what to do. My husband is an absolute control freak and won't let me do anything without him. I couldn't even come here to Australia without him packing everything up and coming with me and our three year old daughter. Who's such a cutie. Anyway, what do I do?

He belongs to a freakishly horrible cult like religion who believes they are all aliens. They keep making me take stupid courses and I hate it. I want to leave the religion and my marriage, but I'm afraid my husband will put an alien curse on me, or take my daughter away. He's very rich and well known in America you know.

Anyway, what do I do? I need help! HELP ME!!!!


Answer -

Dear Anon,

LEAVE HIM NOW! RUN AWAY AND NEVER GO BACK! Seriously, if you put up with that shit then you've got problems. You've got money of your own Katie, oops, Anon, why stay with an idiot control Scientolofreak like he is?

Seriously, leave now!

Jewels xxoo


So that's my reply to Anon, God help her in the future, married to that freak!

Jewels xxoo


  1. i <3 that anon person.. and i wish they would run away... she could totally hide out at my place for a few days!

  2. Great advice Jewels Diva! She needs to get the hell out with her little girl.

  3. I agree with Al and SunshineMeg! Katie.. OOPS!.. Anon needs to get the fuck out of that nasty relationship before it's too late! With her little girl!

  4. She certainly does. I have no idea why that freak came with her, unless it's because he's a control freak.


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