Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homeless people give me the shits!

Homeless people give me the shits. They wallow in their self pity and blame life for all the shit that's happened to them and take up space on the street and in parks when they shouldn't be.

I am so sick of people blaming everyone and everything else for their situation. I'm broke, I lost my job, my partner died, my child died, my house burnt down, blah, blah, BLOODY BLAH!!!!

I don't give a shit what happened to you, the point is, you need to get off your lazy arse and help yourself!

If you lost your job, get the dole. If you lost your house, go and rent one, or hire a caravan or pitch a tent in a caravan park. If you've lost your partner or child, I'm sorry, but life goes on, so do you.

I see programs show stories about people and why they're on the street, and it's all the same, the reasons I gave above. But most of us don't give a shit. The rest of us struggle through life, with our jobs or on the dole. We pay our rent or mortgage. We go and get therapy if we lose a loved one. We don't go live on the street and expect people to give us money or support us. We don't take up room in hostels, we don't sleep in alleys, or parks where it's illegal to be.

The rest of us have brains in our heads, get on with it and figure out things to fix whatever is wrong. But no, all you homeless twits just want to leach off the rest of the world. You whinge and whine and bleat on and on about your hard luck story, but we don't give a shit. Because you don't bother doing anything to help yourselves, why the hell should we.



  1. That post reminded me of the fist verse of the song "I Hate My Life" by Theory of a Deadman :

    "So sick of the hobos always begging for change
    I don't like how I gotta work and
    And they just sit around and get paid"

    Anyways, the song is really good to listen to when it's just one of those days when everyone piss you off XD

  2. i used to feel really sorry for homeless people. i mean i still do, but the ones in the city i live in, really are lazy. ive seen young men, that have all of their limbs and who look like they can get a job ANYWHERE asking for money. THOSE people piss me off.

  3. Constructive Attitude, it's the same for me!


    Jewels Diva!!! It's been a while since you posted or Twittered!!! Your followers miss you lol :P Hope all is well!!!

  4. Well, I just saw that there is way TOO many people on my Twitter so I totally missed your tweets! Damn thing!

  5. I'm here people, just been super busy. And I STILL can't stand homelss people,lol.

    I did twitter a bit through the week, but everyone I follow seemed to have nothing good to reply too.

    Although I did reply to your pic of the tornado Cyn.

  6. I think this is harsh, especially considering that most homeless people where children in foster care who were dumped on the street when they turned 18. Some of them are handicapped and because they are poor cannot afford adequate facilities to live in. Not everyone on the streets blame everyone for their lives. Instead of being so hostile...just be glad you're not one of them. Everyday the homeless problem in this coutry grows. Most of these people are college educated, owned homes, and worked six days a week with long hours. You don't know everyone situation...

  7. I'm not talking about children or the disabled, which are NOT thrown out on the streets. I'm talking about able bodied people that are perfectly capable of getting off their arses and getting a job instead of expecting everyone to do it for them!


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