Friday, July 3, 2009

Gordon Ramsey acting like a knob again! And now his wife's here as well!

Gordon fucking Ramsey had hidden himself away with his tail between his legs for the last few weeks.Ever since he had to apologise to Tracey Grimshaw.

Now that his wife is here in Aus, he's back on tv and still the whiney little boy he is. His wife is just as bad mind you. I saw them on 9am at the cooking thing they're doing, and not only did they manage to set a book on fire, her new cooking book that is, but Gordon managed to be the total ponce he is. She just kept talking over him and he chucked a tanty, stomped his foot and made noises coz she was talking and putting him down.

Well, what does that say about him .... he can give it but not take it. Seriously admonished by wifey maybe? After all, he's not been heard of until now. Now he's got someone to hide behind. Although, he did manage to spit out some not so nice comments about channel 10's Masterchef and one of the judges about the way he dresses.

So it looks like Gordon fucking Ramsey is back to his old ways again. Shit all over everyone as long as they don't shit back. Cause THAT'S when he goes running for cover with his tail between his legs!

And you know what I think about him. The little pommie fucker can fuck off back to England and take his equally as bad wifey with him!

Jewels xxoo

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