Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame! Jem, Jem is truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous, oooh Jem!!!!!

I am SOOOOO totally going retro 80's lately. I've bought a Jem and the Holograms tshirt, similar to the one below. A Jem Star necklace, matching earrings, and a Jem necklace.
I think I'm reverting to my childhood. I watched the Jem cartoons WAAAYYYYY back in '86 when I was a wee teen. I loved her then, and yes, like so many kiddies my age, I WANTED to be her.

And still, at the age I am now, no, I'm not giving it away, I STILL want to be Jem. I especially want all the cool clothes Jem, The Holograms, and The Misfits wore.

And who wouldn't want a gorgeous, but thick as a brick shithouse boyfriend like Rio. I mean please, Jem was like Clark Kent/Superman, we could all see he was the same person, why couldn't Lois Lane. Why couldn't Rio????????????????????????

Anyhoo, I'm reliving my childhood with Jem and Misfits songs, yes, I have all the songs on my pc, and I have the released dvds. There's a company who now has the rights to release the dvd and maybe a cd, so we'll see. I still have two dolls, unfortunately, not a massive collection, but one day, I hope to have a huge one.

I do love The Misfits too, their clothes are beyond amazing. Don't particularly want Pizzazz's hair colour though, Baby Poo Green is not nice. Even on bitches like Pizzazz.

And don't EVEN get started on The Stingers. Riot had hair just like Jem's. On Jem, great, on a man, not so great. Thought he was king of the bloody jungle the arrogant little prick!
I wouldn't mind driving around in the roadster, and turning pink haired and into amazing clothes at the turn of the phrase - ''Showtime Synergy''.

The adventures alone, were enough to make you want to be a rock star. And yes, I still have the dream of one day singing the Jem songs as well as she does.

I know, she's just a cartoon, but her voice WAS real.

I'm sooooo going 80's on myself right now!!!!!

Just need to get me some Misfits stuff!

Truly outrageous Jewels xxoo


  1. We didn't have Jem here but the jewels are gorgeous!!! And the t-shirt is totally awesome!!!

    I'm always in a retro vibe, even before it started to be a trend. There's something so playful in the fashion of the 80s, all the colors, crazy hair... lol I love the pinup style too!

  2. We only got the ''first season'' about 11 eps I think. They repeated them a few years later. I had a Jem doll plus the ''City Lights'' outfit. About 6-8 years ago I found another Jem doll and I have them displayed in their outfits.

    I sooooo want to have the full collection. One day......

    I can't wait for the jewellery, SOOOOOO COOOOLL!

  3. Oh, I loved Jem (Jerica, whichever person she was at the time)!! This makes me want to watch all of the old cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Cartoons nowadays just aren't the same as they were in the 80s. It's a shame...

  4. Jerrica Benton turned into Jem!

    I've got my jewels, yay. They're so great!


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