Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Footy Show's Sam Newman is in trouble again. I'd swear too if the bitch hit my car!

So, Sam Newman seems to be constantly getting into trouble for his antics. So fucking what! As I have stated in a post from earlier this year, his language is not the only bad language on tv. Crap has come out of the mouths of Sunrises' David Kock, and The Today Show's Karl Stefanovich and Cameron Williams.

Sexual innuendos and rubbish, but Sam has always been told off worse for it.

Well, now he's in trouble for an incident that happened the other day. He parked his vintage Mustang in two parking spaces so he had room and no one would hit him. But then a stupid female decided that there was enough room to park her car beside his, and upon opening her door, she ''accidentally'' hit his car.

Accidentally my arse. There's no way you can squeeze in beside a car in a too small car park and NOT hit the car beside you.

Anyhoo, Sam saw what happened and started blasting the shit out of the woman. Swearing his head off at her and giving her what for.

So fucking what!!!!!!! Good onya Sam!!!!!!!

I have a VERY strong feeling that most of us would do that. Accidentally or not, she should have checked for damage and apologised. As far as we know, she didn't. She just walked away.

So, Sam had EVERY right to have a go. We all would, at the disrespect shown by arseholes who think they can damage other people's belongings and walk away, with no responsibility for it.

Apparently, she didn't even know who Sam was and had to ask people in the cafe she walked into. And guess who told her? A lawyer! Who also told her she should sue for damages to HER car after Sam damaged it. Typical of lawyers, they see dollar signs wherever they go. Bet he was hoping to get the job!

But yes, back to Sam. In an act of stupidity, he swung his own door open and bashed it into hers. No mention of the damage to her car, but seriously Sam, that was a dumb thing to do. You bitched to her about doing the exact same thing you did for revenge.

Problem with that though, you probably wrecked your car more than what she did. At the very least, the corner of the door is badly dented.

Sam, Sam, Sam, as much as I'm on your side, that was seriously stupid.

People are claiming Sam has problems. He interviewed a footballer on The Footy Show the other night about the punchups he has on field, and how his behaviour has led him into trouble.

Articles are stating that Sam's behaviour was just as bad. Ah NO! Sam does not get into punch ups in life, where as Barry Hall, merely beat up everyone on the field.

Alot has happened to Sam in his life. His ex-girlfriend ran him over in her car. The ex-boyfriend of the girlfriend rang his doorbell, then when Sam answered, he punched him in the face. People whinge and complain, and moan, and groan, but when it comes down to it, Sam is NOT responsible for OTHER PEOPLE'S BAHAVIOUR!!!!!

The ex chose to run him over, the ex-boyfriend trespassed on his property and hit him, people choose to cause problems.

Regardless of what other people do, ONLY YOU are responsible for YOUR actions.

That bitch chose to squeeze into a parking space. She chose to walk away. Now she's choosing to sue him for damages because he chose to act like a child and smack his door into her car.

Regardless of what Sam does, other people have to stand up and say, 'yes, I'm responsible for this or that'. Sam does not make you hit him, or run him over, or slam your door into his. YOU are the dickheads who do that.

Sam is an overgrown schoolboy who is his own person. People hate that. When you swear or have a say, that doesn't agree with the masses, or you stand up for what you think or believe, people slam you. Sam doesn't let that get to him. Although he did undertake therapy for a stunt with a dummy, but I thought that was bullshit. You don't have therapy to tell you stapling a paper face on a dummy and putting clothes on it is wrong.

Wrong by who's standards?????

I don't give a fuck about what he does, so why do so many constantly have a go, and put him down. I can guess, these people live their life vicariously through Sam, but when he does ''bad'' they run a mile then do a 180 and slam him for it. They have no life of their own, so they bitch about everyone else's. Simple answer to that .... GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!

WHAT BULLSHIT!!!!! BULL ..... SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he's also blamed for the attempted suicide of a Tasmanian politician last year. Ah SORRY, but she was clearly depressed before the incident because one little comment from a person does not ''just'' send you over the edge. There was something already going on in her head for her to be a stupid bitch and try to top herself.

People need to stop blaming Sam for things they think, but are too scared to do. Sam says what he says, he's either applauded or booed for it, but STOP slamming him because you're a knob and don't have the guts to.

As for the bitch who hit his car, fuck you cow, you deserved the tirade of abuse you got. If ya dumb enough to squeeze into a space ya can't fit into, then hit the car beside you, at least have the decency to apologise and offer to pay for repairs.
Since she didn't, and now she's suing him, she's obviously some scrag that needs a good punch in the head to knock some sense into her.

Sam, you can be an absolute dickhead, but I'm on your side. Good onya for getting into her. 99% of the population would've, had it been their car she hit and walked away from.

Mmmm...... looks like another letter needs to be sent.

Jewels xxoo

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  1. LOL...that story made me laugh this am....that's a lot of car bashing.


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