Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CSI New York is BACK on Australian tv!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I'm getting me some Carmine love!!!!!!

Ironically, CSI New York is back to where it first started on Australian tv. 9:30pm on channel 9, on a Tuesday night. That now means, it's after NCIS on channel 10, which after showing the current series has resorted to showing repeats, which get as many watchers as the new eps.

So I get me some Mikey love, and then some Carmie love!

Can you say ..... THREESOME!!!!!

Oh yes, that's what it was. Mikey love from 8:30 - 9:30, then Carmine love from 9:30-10:30.

My weeks are so busy with all the love I get. And not JUST from Michael and Carmine. Monday nights are taken up with Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Tuesday's been Mikey's night until now, now that Carmine's back. Wednesday it's Agent Aaron Hotchner (Criminal Minds), and sometimes Patrick Jane's (The Mentalist) Thursday's been Jim Clancy (Ghostwhisperer), and Friday's I get the night off!


So, what I thought of the ep titled ''The Box''.

It was kinda sweet. Told in flashback by Danny, talking to the parents of the slain pregnant girl. The whole Lindsey being pregnant thing wasn't as weird as first thought. And thankfully, Anna wasn't in a lot of scenes.

I'm finding the whole show kinda boring this year. I fact, I've found it kinda boring for a few years now. The only reason I want to watch for is Carmine. And the odd scene here and there with him and Eddie, or Eddie and Hill. When there's jokes and frivolity, it's funny and great to watch.

Mac and Stella are boring me to tears, Syd doesn't interest me. Even Hawkes bores me with his parts. The only pieces I look forward to are Danny/Eddie. At least you know when you get the two of them in a scene together, it will be full of brotherly/friendly wit and banter.

So overall, the show was mildly interesting, and Carmine was cool in dealing with the parents. I look forward to seeing how he deals with fatherhood. All cute and cuddly!

And hopefully we'll continue seeing eps on a Tuesday night.A VERY loved up Jewels xxoo

p.s, must go and get ready for my night with Agent Hotchner!


  1. LMAO! You sure get busy during the week!

    I thought "The Box" was not so great. I though the dumping of Danny's insecurities was a little harsh on the grieving parents though I can understand it because working in the public as a cashier, people -always- dump their insecurities and problems on you. Plus, sometimes its easier to confide in someone that doesn't know shit about us, someone you'll never meet again.

    Don't forget the cheesetastic scene with Danny on the Harley... LMAO! Great symbolism but... FAILED.

    But I agree, S5 was not the greatest season for NY! There has been good moments but in general I was bored. Loved the Sid, Hawkes and Adam moments and specially Flack moments too. Danny is doing less and less for me since Carmine seems kinda bored with the material/lines they give him?

  2. I loved Carmine riding the harley around New York. He's got his little basketball boots on, and his dorky little helmet, he's riding one handed (show-off) BUT!!! then there's that sadder than sad look he had to put on!!!

    That was wrong. Carmine could not act sad at that moment. It didn't even seem like he was in pain!

    Pfft! What a joke.

    And I noticed when Lindsay told him in the unisex locker *raises brow - heeelllloooo* he couldn't even look her straight in the eye.

    But then I've noticed that Carmine doesn't like looking people in the eye, he looks everywhere BUT at the person he's talking to.

    Think Carmine's bored with the whole thing, or he's just shy and embarrassed to look peeps in the eye. ;0


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