Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Companies that harrass you to buy their products! Well they can PISS OFF!!!!!

Okay, so NOW I have something to bitch about lol........

People/companies, that set up stalls in the local shopping centre (or malls to Americans) although we have malls too, they're actual malls. As in a street that's been cut off from traffic and pavered so people can walk freely while they shop.

Anyhoo, these companies get some poor schmuck to set up a table and distribute booklets advertising their business. On one hand, good for them, on the other, bad for us.

THEY ANNOY ME!!!!!!!!!

They yell out and wave booklets in your face, expect you to stop dead in the aisle and listen to what they're saying, and buy their goods, which are usually shit, or something you don't even want, and they don't like it when you ignore them or say very curtly, ''no thanks'' and keep walking.

Recently on the radio, the announcers had people ring in about this, which is why I'm now talking about it, because they wanted to know what everyone did.

I've gotten to the point we're I say no thanks, and keep walking. These people annoy me. If I wanted their bloody products then I would've bought them already.

And callers are just as bad. Here in Australia, we have companies call all the time. Either it's an Aussie company, that keeps calling despite being told over and over by me to STOP CALLING! Or, they're companies that have their call centres based in India or Pakistan or some country where you can't understand the bloody accent.

When you pick the phone up there's at least 15 seconds of nothing, then loud crackling and bounce back, where you can here their voice echo when they talk. That's if you can even hear or understand them.

These people piss me off to the point where when I hear nothing at the beginning, I'll hang up.

Or they'll say, ''hello, how are you today?''

''Not interested,'' I say, and hang up the phone.

Then there's the call centres that ring you up and tell you how you've won things like mobile phones or holidays. I've won so many God damn things that I'm still waiting to recieve them.


I hang up on most people, but if it's the Cancer Council, or Kidney Research, or Heart Foundation, I listen, then say no thank you. I'm more polite to those people. But still.......

Then there's those who ask for money ..... DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT!!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Hahahah! I agree with the whole post! These people/compagnies are SO fucking annoying! Here, once, there was people at the entrance of groceries stores to sell you some crap -- and it was not food related AT ALL. You can't even buy your food without having them bustin' yo' ass! C'MON! What the fuck is this!

    As for the people in the shopping centers, I now come to this kind of attitude : I walk as if they didn't existed. I don't even say anything to them. Just walk by 2 cm of them and completely ignore them. Unless it's for a good cause.

  2. Yep, I ignore and keep walking, or say no thanks. Although I thought about that too, and WHAT AM I THANKING THEM FOR????? Harrassing me and wasting my time. NO THANKS!!!!!!

    Just say no, or ignore! Why waste time and energy thinking up excuses!

  3. By the way, head over the Carmine thread over at TalkCSI... you'll never believe the gossip!!! That'll give you something to bitch about LMAO

  4. I read it, not particularly worried. People that are ''linked'' via mags and tabloids generally aren't. Romantically linked my arse.

    In her dreams!!!!!!!!



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