Monday, June 29, 2009

Tv show host, Rove McManus gets naked with Austrian fashionista, Bruno!

Just a quick pop in to ask if everyone here in Aus saw Rove last night. Bruno was on, reading from the cue cards to side of camera, but he made Rove dress in that revolting nude suit.

Or should I say, Rove ''willingly'' dressed in that nude suit.


Rove, how could you!

At least he had shorts on underneath!

head here for pics -

He also had our prime minister on. Kevin Rudd, you are STILL a knob!

a very revolted Jewels xxoo


  1. bruno is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! he was saying at the premiere tonight that there was not much to look at in rove's pants.. im not surprised.

  2. Hahaha! Bruno was hilarious on The Tonight Show too! Can't wait to see the movie.


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