Monday, June 15, 2009


The news is still going on about women delaying pregnancy and/or childbirth. They'd like to say it's about our health, but it ain't! It's about the world grinding to a halt because the population is getting older. Never mind the millions of kids that will start spending and buying and having their own kids in 10-15 years time!!!!

Helloooo you wankers, if we don't have partners to get pregnant by, exactly how can we get knocked up and have a kid!!!!!!!

You're all a pack of fucking morons because you think we're all in relationships.

How about the millions of women who aren't?

How about the millions of women who can't?

How about the millions of women who just plain don't want to?

You're all a pack of fuckwits who need to piss off and stop laying the destruction of the human race on our shoulders.

It will survive if we don't all have kids at the same time ya know!


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  1. i really dont think we need more children running around this city. they fucking take over the place and walk into you and its apparently your fault?? NO control the fucking children, keep them on a leash or lock them up till they are old enough to know how to walk in a straight line

  2. The problem is that the world ALREADY have enough children, they just need PARENTS. Where the fuck are they? They can't raise them or take care of them. I don't want more imbeciles to bring children into this world if it's mean the children will get screwed up, abused and/or abandonned. And that's if they don't get murdered because of parents neglience or just plain insanity. I had enough of that already.

    And to the couples who cannot have a baby the "normal" way, instead of turning into a sci-fi horror creature like OctuMom or John & Kate think about adoption. Seriously. Or maybe it's just means you're not supposed to ever have a child and then just shut the fuck up about it already and move on with your life.

    And by the way, it's not because we got what it takes to have a child that we will make one. We have the RIGHT to not want to. We're not a fucking factory. Those days are OVER. I'll be happy for the rest of my life just being the crazy cat lady, you heard me, bitches? lol
    Gosh it feels good to bitch about that with y'allz lol

  3. Why do you think this place is called Bitchfest!

    Bitch away!


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