Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson:performer, man, or child trapped by abuse? Joe Jackson is to blame!

Yes, we all know that Michael Jackson has died. And yes, we will all not agree with the sort of man he was.

Australia has shown quite a few tributes to him in the last few days. There was one last night on channel 9.And there's two things that stand out to me more than anything else. He had two sides to his personality.

The abuse at the hands of his father from the moment he was born, would have gone well towards stumping his mental growth. An interview with Oprah, many years ago, brought up the subject, and she mentioned how his father would beat him, then he would go on stage and perform.

Was an arsehole of a father!

Michael's mental growth stopped at what, 8, 10, 15 years of age. The networks have showed footage from way back when the Jackson 5 first started. The audition for Motown, showed an 8 year old Michael performing for Berry Gordy.The Jacksons sold more than 150 million albums as the Jacksons.In 1979, Michael launched the Off the Wall album, then officially split from the Jackson 5 in 1984, to have his own career.

But did the abuse ever stop?

I don't think it did.

I agree, that Michael was more than likely the biggest entertainer in the world. Not too many have four and a half decades of a career. He lived, breathed and died a performer. But then his father did beat that into him.

Because of the abuse, he disappeared when he was on stage. It was his refuge, his blood, his breath, his life, his escape from Joe Jackson. And that's where he stayed. All through his life, the stage was where he was.

Michael's emotional growth stayed as a child. No wonder he believed what he did. That sleepovers were the norm, and sleeping in the same bed with boys was loving and normal.

To us it wasn't. To his 10 year old brain, it was his way of living the childhood he never had.

You can watch old footage and interviews, and piece together his frame of mind. As a performer, he was all work, adultlike and driven in his career. But as an emotionally fragile man he was a child desperately trying to have a childhood and relive the life he so desperately wanted, that was taken from him by that arsehole of a father, who will no doubt now struggle to gain whatever fortune is left.

Joe Jackson is to blame for the way his children turned out. So is their mother Katherine. She allowed Joe to abuse her children, and in the process he no doubt abused her.

How many have had drug problems, been bailed out of jail? Look at La Toya and her problems, she was once married to an emotionally and physically abusive man like her father.

Janet married young, although she denied it. Was that an escape from her father?

God help the children of all the Jacksons, because there may well be another generation of stunted adults, like their parents.

I'm a big believer in the law of karma. A soul chooses the parents it will be born to, the family it will be born into, and the path of life it will take. There would have been lessons along the way, and who's to say Michael learned any of them. A soul also knows when and how it will die, and leave this earth. Michael knew. He mentioned in interviews he knew how he would go. And after seeing them, I don't doubt that he did.

Maybe that's why he lived the life and did the things he did. Because he knew he was going in too short a time. That he would not have a long and fruitful life. Who knows? He did.

When it comes down to it, Michael, the man, was one most did not like. He was a molester, a monster, a man who should not be around children. And they certainly didn't mind taking his money from him.

But Michael the performer, was one we may never see again. He was an original, and to those that loved him, they will miss him terribly. And to those of us who didn't love him, the world will go on, and a new performer will come.

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  1. "To us it wasn't. To his 10 year old brain, it was his way of living the childhood he never had."

    Ain't what all pedophiles says?... Most of the time in these mental cases, if not 99% of them, everything starts in the household...

    That being said, being molested myself, I just can't close my eyes on the many scandals surrounding Jackson and all the weird things he did to his kids in public. Plain wrong. But I also blame his "entourage" and family for not giving him the help he desperately needed... though I haven't seen any "cure" for pedophilia so far?

    And if he knew how it would all play out for him then it just make him more a despicable human being that I thought he could be. If you know these things then shouldn't you try to make a better life for yourself? Make something good around you, not the industry? He had enough money and power to fuck 'em all big time. And the length of life you've got has nothing to do with it (and anyway, no one leave this world alive). In fact, if I was told I'd be dying a year from now and how etc, I'd whoop my ass to achieve the best in this humanity before I leave. Even if it's small things. In the end, at the balance, it will all count.

    Great performer but what gets me about him overshadows everything else.

    I wonder why nobody made such a trauma when Fawcett died? Not that I was fan or anything. It's just... ironic.

  2. As I twittered yesterday, a death is a shock when it's sudden and unexpected. A death is not a shock when the person has been sick. Farrah had cancer since 2006. When someone has cancer, there's that 50/50 chance of death. She got sicker, death was inevitable. Michael's was a shock because no one expected him to have a heart attack.

    I guess it's a matter of whether he WANTED to do anything if he knew. But then who in his family was going to get help when Joe's your father. They sucked what brain Michael had out of his head and filled it with crap. Michael thought he didn't have a problem, he did. But no one around him wanted to admit it, or tell him.

    So he had no idea of right and wrong.

  3. I knew his dad beat him but I never thought of the fact that is probably did stunt his mentality. Im not saying that he did molest those boys, but his mentality was probably of a little boy looking to get some sense of childhood that he lost because of his father. Being a psych major this really has me thinking.

    Most molesters are just sick in the head and they do it simply because they get some sense of arousal out of it. Micheal was probably just a little boy stuck in a man's body who was looking for that comfort and love that he lost as a child and that he never got back.

    I'm Not saying, its right, what he did, because its totally not right, i'm just saying he might not have been as sick and twisted as we all think he was and I dont think people think of his father beating him when they think of what Micheal did wrong. Because ultimately it usually all goes back to how you were treated as a child. And Micheal was treated horribly by his father, which messed him up BAD, which leads to some of the decisions he made.

  4. I think he got stuck, and there was no one to tell him he WAS NOT okay. Michael lived in his own little world, and obviously didn't want to come out of it. He felt safe and away from all the bad crap that was done to him.

    He would make a great psych study case!


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