Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living alone and the vulnerability single women go through!

I want to blog about living alone.

They had a discussion on Kerri-anne this morning about people who are paranoid about living alone and how it's more because of a mental state (they can't do without people in their lives) than a real problem.

Anyhoo, won't go into that.

But one reason for not living alone is home invasion. Now, a lot of young women do not live alone, and while some do, personally, I hate it. I have been alone a few times in my life, and I had lights on all night, and a radio going. I didn't go outside, and only cranked two windows open a few inches.

A lot of women who live on their own are assaulted. Now that's a statistical fact, as it is for women who live with their friends, or women who live with their boyfriends. Some men, who are absolute dogs, stalk women, follow them home, break and enter, rape, beat, abuse, murder, assault, rob and anything else they can think of.

A lot of ex boyfriends do it.They've been dumped and feel they have lost control. A lot of dogs, that need money for drugs, do it. As there is always money or jewellery stolen. Occassionally is it just an assault. A lot of times there is a reason, they get power and control, because their life is out of control.

I have heard many stories on tv shows, and read in magazines, about women who have woken up with a strange man rifling through their bedside tables looking for money and jewellery. And then of course, the dog threatens them with a knife or gun, and they're gonna have their throat slashed, or be shot, or killed, all because it's about power for the dog who's doing it.

And a lot of women have said, that they woke to a man on top of them, and when they screamed they were threatened with their children's death. If you've got children, fight to the death for them. Don't lay there and let some man violate you just for the sake of your children.

I've also seen on these shows, police officers telling the women they did the right thing, by letting the man take what he wanted, they saved their lives and the lives of their children.


There is NO WAY IN HELL I will lie back - or let an assault happen, or not scream, or not fight, or not kick him in the nuts, or scratch his eyes out or DO SOMETHING - and ALLOW some dog to violate me all for the sake of living. I would rather have my throat slashed or take a bullet instead of lying back and being raped just to make things easier and so I wasn't killed.

I would rather die fighting for my life than lie back and allow that to happen.

I will fight to the death for myself and my children, and that death WILL NOT be mine!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I'm so with you on that. I would never let anyone abuse me or take advantage of me in any way--specially not if I had kids to protect!!! And like I always said : *IF* I have to go down I'm bringing the mother fucker with me. 'Fucked with the wrong bitch! Here, police officiers have been more disgusting to the rape victims telling them that if they would have open their legs they wouldn't have gotten beaten up by their rapist. WHUUUT?!!!!!! I'd send them to jail and let them open their .... !!!!!!!! Who's the bitch now, huh.

    In many ways, society is doing an extremely lame job at protecting women and children. They are always the one being raped, abused, used... and no one cares and we're in 2009? What a progress.

    PS. Is it fair to the dogs to associated them with these male junk? lol

  2. LMAO, no probably not fair to the dogs. Until men cease to exist, women and children will ALWAYS be treated like shit!


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