Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jump in price of Lexmark cartridges is appalling!

I'm going to bitch about Lexmark cartridges today.

I have a lexmark printer and I usually buy the carts from Big W for a reasonable price of $28.95. However, they have since jumped to the disgusting price of $45. I'm glad I bought a double black pack back around xmas time, from Big W for $50 before the price hike. I've been putting off printing until the price came down, to buy a colour cart, but it turns out the price isn't coming down.

I emailed Lexmark, and told them I was disgusted by the $15+ price hike. And while I understood the carts going up a few dollars, $15- $18 was disgusting and wrong!

Lexmark returned my email, and told me that due to the world economic crisis, that the price hike was an appropriate one due to the financial times.


The world economic crisis is absolutely NO excuse for such a jump in price. Every store that still sells the carts have them at $45, and so I decided against buying.

Problem is, my printing has been backing up on my pc, so I had to give in and buy some colour carts .... on ebay, that is. Saved myself a shit load of money, and so far have bought 3 coloured and 2 blacks, and I've still got loads of printing to do!

My pc keeps telling me that I've got no space left, even though I've deleted massive amounts of data, and printed off even more, I have no space! So it looks like I'll have to keep cleaning it out. Must be blocked up with all them pics of Michael and Carmine!!!!!!!

Thank God for ebay, and cheap cartridges!

Jewels xxoo

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