Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jewels Diva Agony Aunt Advice Columnist!

Hi all, I've got a letter from a person who wants to know how to deal with bitches.

Question -

Dear Jewels,

I'm a member of a forum, but have not been treated nicely. How do I deal with it, and the bitches that come with it!


Answer -

Dear Anon,

tell them they're all bitches and stand up for yourself! If you don't want to be there anymore, leave, but sneak back and have the occassional look when they're not looking.

Set them straight about who's boss of you, and pm them if you have to!

Give them what for!

Jewels xxoo


So that's my reply to anyone who belongs to a site or forum that is treated harshly. Tell them what you think but make sure you only do it when you're ready to leave.

Jewels xxoo

p.s - this situation is entirely fake and has no bearing on real life ..... lmao.


  1. i vote that you get their addresses and travel to each of them showering their houses in eggs.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Often times them bitches are dumb so if you use sarcasm and wit, you'll definitively shut their mouth for good.

  3. Al - Not sure I'd want to waste the eggs!

    Beth - I don't do tags!

    Cyn - Unfortunately, one of them seems to think she can now insult my follwers, and THAT, I WILL NOT STAND FOR!

  4. It's funny how it's always the same people that falls in the behavior they accused the others, right? lol Gosh. Though I'm sure I would be amused to read what she had to "say".

  5. That I was the person from the forum, that I have the problem, and she had a go at you for linking the site and lying about it being a carmine site. I read what you wrote, and you didn't claim it was a Carmine site at all.

    Another thing she got wrong!!

    She just cant help herself!!!

    She'll be back!!!

  6. Doesn't she watch CSI at all??? All evidences will speak the truth lol and my messages are not deleted so everyone can read what I said there : NO fansite of Carmine, just pictures once in a while. 'Cause we need some to cheer us up lol

  7. Mentally retarded maybe .......


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