Friday, June 26, 2009

Interview with Michael Brasic from Carmine Giovinazzo's Ceesau

For all Carmine fans out there, I got sent this link to a Ceesau interview. But I'll post the whole interview.

Or at least that's the way this post did start.

I had originally given the url for a particular website that had posted an interview with Michael Brasic from Carmine Giovinazzo's band Ceesau.

I first posted this in June of 2009 but recently received an email from them requesting that I remove their interview and just leave the link, or, leave the first paragraph of their interview with their website address.

Now I've been in two minds about this and have finally decided not to delete the post, but to delete the interview. I have to abide by my own rules, and since I have a disclaimer and copyright notice, I need to respect other peoples wishes.

I don't believe I did anything wrong, as I hadn't claimed to have done the interview myself, and left their website link so anyone could go to their page and check out their site.

I believe some people can be too precious and found it strange that it took 8 months for them to find out about it. And then send me a message via Facebook, even though I didn't follow them and they don't follow me. They could have easily sent me an email via this blog, but chose not too. So I have no idea how they found out I'd posted it, but after 8 months of their interview being at their website, and mine, then they really shouldn't be offended and I should tell them to get stuffed.

While I do have a copyright notice, I set it up after I'd posted their interview, and so didn't even realise there would be a problem.

I don't claim to own the pics I post, unless they're of my personal belongings. And I did make all of the art pics (header, side bar pics etc) that I have on this sight, and the copyright covers those.

But as for posting interviews, I believe on magazine or newspaper sites, once they have been posted, then it's free for anyone to link to, copy, or direct followers to.

As far as I'm concerned I did nothing wrong, but in their eyes, I ''stole'' their interview and had no right to post it. Even though I gave their website. And I don't mind others copying my posts and what not, as long as there's a link to it, that's fine.

So really, I don't technically know what the problem is, but I'm pissed off. I have checked their website and there is no disclaimer or copyright notice. But Jewels does not want to be sued, although I'm sure once something is posted if there's a link and details given then I don't think you can, but still, I'll delete the interview AND their website from this post. They won't be getting any more plugs and advertising from me. No more links, no more promotions about their interviews.

They no doubt have this interview in their reader, waiting to see what I do, and I haven't had another email yet, and so they're probably waiting for my reply. They won't get one, they just get one big GET STUFFED from me!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. The interview was so interesting! I'm always happy to know more about the band and its band mates. I don't care if Brasic said the band was still new, I think Ceesau has a promising future! lol They have the passion for it to last as long as they want it.

  2. I love that he mentions Carmine's abs!

    Carmine from the block!

    Carmine, Carmine, Carmine!

    Reminds me of Jan Brady when she hates Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

  3. Hahaha! Yeah, everyone's jealous of his abs I'm sure of it lol

    Gosh, I laughed my ass off when he said "Carmine from the block"! I had this weird visual with the J-LO song... LOOL

  4. Now you've stuck this weirdo image in my head Cyn, that's not funny. lol.


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