Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HELP!!!! I need help with my new Facebook page. I don't think it's working?

Okay peoples, I'm trying to set up a facebook page. I clicked publish, then nothing seemed to happen.

If anyone has extensive knowledge of facebook and how it works, then let me know. Coz so far, it's confusing. My Space was easier to set up than this!

My name on facebook is of course, Jewels Diva, but I can't seem to find myself.

Let me know what you know peeps!

a very confused Jewels xxoo

I've gone back and deleted the page. Apparently my profile cannot be created. So screw Facebook! I stopped trying last time as they created another page for me when I didn't want one? God knows this is stupid.

Gone back again, and I think it's fixed, lol. I'll add it to my side bar and let you all know.

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