Sunday, June 21, 2009

Does one need permission to marry in this day and age. And that's 2009 y'all!

This week Rove MacManus and Tasma Walton got married in Broome. Apparently no magazines knew about it, so none of them got the rights to all the pics.

Sucked in you little fuckers!

Anyhoo, it came to light that Tasma proposed to Rove and asked his mother for her blessing!

That got me up in arms.

Now while I am an old fashioned gal, I personally think that asking ANY PARENT for their daughter's hand in marriage/blessing is nothing but a pile of bullshit!

Unless you are under the legal age limit for marriage, there is no need to ask for permission to marry someone. Or you come from one of these dumb-arse religions/countries that thinks all women are owned first by the father, then by the husband.


I find the whole, asking for permission thing as gross, outdated, and very VERY WRONG in this day and age.

Maybe it's just me. But I could not give a shit if my husband thought he needed permission. The only permission he needed was mine!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I find it wrong and outdated too. If two people wants to get married, no one should stand in the way even if they think it's a bad idea. Unless they are minors, like you mentioned.

    But I wouldn't worried much about marriage's permission seeing as very few of us wants to get married nowadays! Except the gays but maybe they need to experience divorced to understand why we stopped doing it lol Joke aside, let these people get married for fuck's sake! And leave your Jesus/Allah at the door. Get married for love, not religion, please? XD

  2. LOL,sometimes I think gay people think they're 'different' when it comes to marriage. They can split up too!


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