Thursday, June 4, 2009

CSI New York's Carmine Giovinazzo picture overload #2

Cynthia, if you want arms, you got them. DAMN they're muscly!


  1. I've never seen pictures 2-4-5!!! You good at finding pictures lol

    Ahhh... those italitan arms... he likes to show them off, and why wouldn't he right? lol

  2. My friend from CSI Files sent me a load of pics. They were available through a link at the site in my sidebar, but something weird has gone on with it!

    Yes, those arms can do many things, just like those hands know how to handle a woman ........

  3. I know I'm so pissed off the galery is down lol I like to troll on the Internetz for some pictures when I'm bored.. lol at least the site is back!

    Humm... you seem to know a lot about the Giovinazzo!!! But seriously, whos hands win : Micheal's or Carmine's? LOL

  4. Hey, do you think it's time to bitch about Pretty Wicked? lol I think the show is fucking lame. I can't believe I was bored enough to watch some of it today.... ugh...

  5. A lame TV reality show, just like the others I suppose lol

    "Do you use your looks to get ahead, get out of a traffic ticket, get a job, land a boyfriend or cut through the line at a trendy club? Ten divas from Oxygen's newest competition reality series 'Pretty Wicked' answer yes to all of the above. "Pretty Wicked" puts looks aside and has these prima donnas compete to see who is the most beautiful on the inside for a grand prize of $50,000." -

    Sounds like much fun, huh? lol There's some episodes on YouTube if you ever get bored xD


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