Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CSI FILES BITCHFEST PART 3. She must follow me to know I'm talking about her!

Well, it seems that Perfect Anamoly doesn't want to pm my friend at Talk CSI, as I mentioned in the replies for the previous post, but she did leave ME a reply. Apparently my friend isn't good enough to talk to, even though she's done nothing to P.A.

So she replied to the very first post -

1perfectanomaly said...
You had no problem outing Kristine and Jolein and calling them names and cursing at them, but now you're mad at me for naming your "friend?" Give me a break. And tiara4carmine is so childish that she can't respond to me here but she sends me a PM on TalkCSI cursing me out for my post here. If you and she were gonna name names then you should have been prepared for her to be called out as well. It's pretty hypocritical to call out other people and expect to remain anonymous in the whole thing. I never said the mods run the board, but obviously the board owner doesn't have a problem with what the mods are doing or they'd be replaced. If she has such a problem with TalkCSI and it's mods then she should just stay away instead of running to her "friends" to fight her childish battles for her. As for you and tiara4carmine's language toward me and the others I just have one question for you both. Do you kiss your momma's with those mouths?
June 21, 2009 1:49 PM

What can I say, she SO follows me to know that I posted. Otherwise she wouldn't have known I replied after finding out about her post.

My friend has fought her battles, but considering the Mods have their heads up their arses, they think that they can dictate stuff that is absolute bullshit. She is resigning herself to the fact that the bitches are NOT worth dealing with any longer. No wonder so many people have left the forum. She told me many have since she joined.

And Jolein didn't just have a go at her, she also had a go at the other two people that defended her! Jolein had no right to be a bitch to members that didn't even mention her in their post.

And my friend is sooooooo childish because she doesn't deal with it here?????
No P.A, you dumb bitch, she doesn't reply to you here because she prefers to deal with you in person by pm-ing you at TALK CSI. The forum she belongs to, and the place where YOU have a problem with her, then that's where you contact her.

This is my blog, and I'll say what I damn well feel like, and since I don't like the treatment of many posters at Talk, then I'll slag you all off till the cows come home. If YOU don't like what I say, STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!!!!! Coz that's the only way you know I posted!



  1. It IS bothering her a lot that people can back up their shit. By the way, you so childish and unimportant to her that she keeps replying and reading your blog? I'm convinced. Feel my sarcasm here...

    Well, Jewels Diva, I think you and you're friend don't need to waste more time into this lol Let's finish them off by giving them a nickname? LOL

  2. Yep, as I said, she must be folowing me lmao, she's over at live journal.

    Gotta say, I love having a go, but what could we call them?

  3. Well, I was right, she is following me. I've had to delete her messages as she was getting out of hand. And Cynthia she even had a go at you, claiming that because you posted this site over at Talk, she came for a look because you claimed it was a Carmine site.

    Problem is, her very first comment on my first CSI posting has the date at March 30, I posted on March 19, and my friend, who she believes is me, posted at CSI on March 1.

    So not only did she lie, she's now delusional about when she first came to this site, and that I am actually ''my friend'' from Talk.

    Seriously, she needs to get over herself, has no guts to talk to who she needs to talk to, and will continue to have her posts deleted, as she is now insulting my follwers.

    That is not on, and not so perfect, you are no longer welcome at this site!

  4. Hahaha, oh gosh. I think that was the lamest excuse of all. I wonder why she never PM me?! Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm probably too childish for her. Right.

    And I found your blog on TalkCSI way before I joined the forum LOL Almost at the same time the nickname fuss started

    But we're all to blame, dont' we know it, Jewels Diva?!

  5. Well, my friend from Talk found me back in January. And emailed me to join. But I've mentioned that and so did she at the forum. She then put my link in her posts, which was nice of her.

    But it would seem P.A has a problem, in the fact she CANNOT reply to the person she has a problem with, in a personal pm.

    She brought her problems to my blog, even though she was NEVER mentioned, she actually started the hatefest against her, herself.


  6. LMAO! Indeed, you never mentioned anyone involved in that fuss over at Talk. It's a bitchfest here so you did what you normally do and go on with your life lol but someone is taking it way too personnal!!!

  7. Listen Stupid Anomaly, you obviously do follow me because you keep posting.

    Yes, I made a mistake with the dates. I will own that.But so what, this is my blog and when I am attacked, my follwers attacked, or my friends attacked, then I become an even bigger bitch.

    I've read all of the posts at Talk, considering one is allowed to do that without joining, and yes, you are a liar! Neither my friend or myself, having Australian values and ways of thinking, believe calling Carmine Carmie is disrespectful.

    Just because I am Australian, like Carmine, and agree with everything my friend said, DOES NOT mean we are the same person. There are more people in Australia who like Carmine and CSI than just the two of us. But then you're obviously a backward country hick who doesn't even know where Australia is.

    I deleted your posts because you insulted Cynthia. She's my follower and I will not have ANYONE INSULT MY FOLLWERS. Or my friends. I don't mention her name because she does not blog, and we have only communicated through email. She has told me she never had a problem with you, but it would seem you have a problem with everyone. You can't email her, but bitch about her here. I won't tolerate that.

    In future, all of your posts will be deleted, as my personal war with you is over. You've proven yourself to be an idiot, who cannot think because she has no brain. Considering you think just because I copied and pasted from a forum, and mentioned someone who never had a problem with you, but so eagerly spoke to me, then yes, you have no brain.

    This is my blog. I will say what gets said here. I have my bitch and then people reply about the post. Not insult everyone else on this blog, or people I have contact with, or people who do not blog here.

    You want to be delusional, then don't come here. I never mentiond you until you started bitching on my blog. And that means YOU have a problem!

    No more. YOU end today.

  8. I guess that should end it once and for all!!!

    As for me lying about this website? I just said that "the author frequently posted pictures of Carmine" which in no way means it's a fansite!!! I don't understand how one could make that conclusion about what I said. It just doesn't make sense at all.

    I suppose you felt insulted for your friends because of what I said here and insulted me but Jewels Diva, the owner of this blog, has all the right to put you back to your place (just like the mods on Talk do that with members on the forum). By the way, if you want to say anything TO ME, feel free to troll on MY blog instead of invading Jewels' site! And she's entitled to her opinions just like you are entitled to your own illusions about what is real facts from fabulated facts. Some people on the forum had a go at Jewels Diva's friend over something that wasn't even a problem in the first place and I thought it was disgusting how it was being dealt with and pretty stupid comments had been made toward that person and freedom of speech in both my country and your country allows me to say what I have to say whether you like it or not. Get OVER it. Because WE WERE over it before you troll here and revived the TalkCSI dramaz.

    I can back my shit up and that's why I joined over the same username on TalkCSI and wasn't "afraid" of linking Bitchfest. I knew there was chances people might see what has been said about the "arguement over a fuckign nickname" and wasn't afraid of stupid trolls stalking the Internetz because they have NO freaking life. I'm sure other people at Talk saw it too but compared to you they were mature enough to walk their way when they don't like something. Sounds familiar? RIGHT. That's the morale you've been babbling over here over and over again So please put in pratice and move on with your bizarre 39 year old life.

    Yeah, we're done.


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