Sunday, June 21, 2009

CSI FILES BITCHFEST PART 2. Now there's another bitch to deal with!

WOW, how I didn't notice this particular post was added to is beyond me, but I went back and checked them all and from my first posting about CSI, came this reply from TALK CSI member - PerfectAnomaly - ( I've removed my friend's name)
xxxxxxxx has a history of being childish and going against what the mods tell her. This is just one more example. If she doesn't like the way the board is run why doesn't she just stay away? Either accept the what the mods tell you or don't, but don't continually go against them and then bitch about being told off for doing so.

Then I added my reply -

Wow, how am I just reading this now, PerfectAnomaly, thanks for outing my friend, NOT!

Sounding like you're as big a bitch as Kristine and Jolein!

I've read alot of posts over there and she was no more childish than others. The mods DO NOT run the board! Christian, THE OWNER runs the board. The mods, especially Kristine has become quite a bitch over the last couple of years, and some of you, yes, I'm now including you, should pull your heads out.

I've contacted my friend and told her to send off a letter to the bitch in question, mind you, it's someone she's never had a problem with. So why this person felt the need to find the blog and make a comment is beyond me. AND she named my friend when I did not for privacy reasons. Although it would have been easy enough to find out.

The war continues!

Jewels xxoo


  1. PerfectAnomaly wrote that comment on your blog?!!! And I thought them getting angry over an harmless nickname was pretty puerile... I wonder if Carmine's bandmates got angry at him for giving them nicknames?! Puh-lease. If we can talk about his dick on the forum or have any sexually oriented discussion about the actors on the forum, I'm pretty sure we can give him a cute nickname that doesn't hurt the animals or teh Jezus.

  2. People need a life. You are in a free country--I think! xo

  3. What a nightmare! Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi - it was wicked to hear from you! Your posts make me laugh and bang my fists in equal measures! :D

  4. My friend wrote off a letter but hasn't got a reply yet. Guess the bitch is too scared.

    Beth, yes, Australia is a free country, but since Yalk CSI is mainly Americans, although I don't think the owner is, then that's the way they treat it, no foreigners allowed!lol

    Funky junk, love your jewellery! Post replys more often!


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