Saturday, May 9, 2009

So-called experts have no idea about what to do on the Atkins Diet!

I saw a ''nutritionist'' on tv this week, going on about how the Atkins diet tells you to FRY everything, and that they took the diet and made it more healthy. I am so bloody sick to death of these so called ''dietitians and nutritionists'' bullshitting about the Atkins diet. Then they go and make up their own ''low carb diet'', yeah, like that's not ripping off someone else's idea!

Back in 1997 I saw the Dr. Atkins on Oprah one day, and as they spoke, I realised he was talking about me. So I got his book out of the library and read it three times. It was me! I was, and still am at times, a carb addict. The old saying I've used before, I haven't met a carb I didn't like, is true. Except for rice, I love most carbs. But my body doesn't.

I went on the Atkins diet to lose weight, as the way I was eating wasn't working. Half a loaf of bread barely filled the hungry pit in my stomach, three baked potatoes with cream cheese, butter and a bol sauce, or seafood salad was put on top. Two big bowls of pasta and sauce with loads of parm cheese sprinkled over. Nothing filled me, and made me feel like I hadn't eaten at all. But it made me fat.

And so since, I have lived a fairly carb free diet. I don't say no, if I feel like chocolate, I'll have some. If I feel like a burger, I'll have it. I don't starve myself of the things I love.

But getting back to my arguement. All the so-called experts that come on tv and radio, all blather on about how you have to fry everything. And I'm so pissing sick of it. That is nothing but bullshit. You can bake, broil, boil, grill, etc, and have far more for breakfast than fried bacon and eggs. Like leftovers, salads with meat, vegetables, meatloaf. Not that there's anything wrong with bacon and eggs. A nice soufflè with ham and cheese is nice in the morning.

These so-called experts really need to read these books before opening their mouths. Cause I am absolutely sick to death of the shit that comes out of them.

They have no pissing idea of what they're talking about and need to shut up!

Jewels xxoo

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