Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michael Weatherly, my husband, on promo tour in Europe for NCIS!

I thought it was time for me to post some more pics of my gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly.

Turns out that a photographer follows Michael around just to take pics of him shopping. It looks rather painful for my baby, but that's cause he spied the paps. He had to make sure that I was well fed and watered before he left for the promo tour.

Doesn't he look cosy in his jumper and ugg boots. So Australian! Makes me want to snuggle him!

God I love him!!!!!
So here he is at LAX last week. Unfortunately I couldn't go with him, but I made it up to him before he left!!!!!!!!!! ;) That's why his grin is so big!!!!!!!!He landed in Stockholm, Sweden for some publicity thing.Then went on to Italy for more promo work for some Telefilm thing. Doesn't he look Fab!!! I just love his grin here. And DAMN! he looks fine in that suit!And of course the crowd loved him too!!!Then he went on to some shindig that night. He's trying to look happy, but he missed me terribly, and called to tell me what was going on. So he'll let me know what else he gets up to. Apparently there's youtube footage of his tv interviews and what not. And don't forget, that he and Cote are in America's TV Guide. So go out and get it peoples!!!!!
A VERY happy Jewels xxoo


  1. i dont think you should be too impressed with your husband kneeling down to all these women!! and the last photos look a bit scandalous! marriage on the rocks??

  2. Ahhh, I agree, I does look cute in the ugg boots! ;D

    I hope the promo tour ends soon or else you'll die from hunger and dehydration!

  3. LMAO, I don't mind if he kneels,at least he'll come home to me, still lmao. I do love him in a fuzzy sweater and uggs. I miss him terribly :(



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