Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jewels Diva Agony Aunt Columnist on food and healthy living!

It's time for my Agony Aunt column again, so if you've got a question you need an answer to, maybe Aunty Jewels can help!

I received another letter from a reader, and since it coincided with my tirade about the nutritionist and the Atkins diet, I'll post it.


Dear Jewels,

I'm always hungry. I eat and eat and nothing fills me up. What do I do?



Dear Anon,

first of all, make a diary of what you eat over a two week period. Take a good look at what you eat, and see what you can cut out or change for a healthier version. If you want bread, choose a rye or wholegrain. Cut out things that make you feel sick or bloated. Change to diet soft drinks or diet cordials. Eat a good healthy breakfast of lots of protein, a filling lunch, healthy snacks, and a nice but small dinner, or tea as I call it. Change things slowly, if you don't want to cut everything out at once. One thing per week, and see how you feel. And if you need chocolate, go for the small bars that are only a mouthful or two. It will give you what you want, and not be too much.

Hope this helps,

Jewels xxoo

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