Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ebay's new 'Search Experience' not as good as they think. Who the Hell likes it? I don't!

Ebay here in Australia, has gone with the ''new search experience''. Thank God America hasn't, but still, there are problems. I've been trying to sell some stuff to make way for all the goodies I've been buying, but for some God known reason, it won't let me.

Screw You Ebay. Change it back to how it was. I liked it better that way. It looked good and was easy to understand. Now, it looks awful, and doesn't work.

Screw You!

A very UNHAPPY Jewels!


  1. im not seeing a new search experience? it still all looks ebay like.

    but you should definitely start emailing them hate mail, just make sure its from a different email address than what you are registered!!

  2. If you check American against Australian ebay, you'll see that it's different. We've been trying the ''new search experince'' up till April 30th. It stayed, and I don't like it. Uk changed as well, but the US didn't. Obviously they didn't like tit.


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