Friday, May 29, 2009

Deb Thomas, editor of The Woman's Weekly, discriminates against moles!

Here in Australia we have a show called 20-1 on the 9 network. They rehash old subjects and re-title them as 'new' but they aren't. Anyhoo, they count down the top 20 movies/actors, musos, models etc, of which they did the other night.

At #20 was Cindy Crawford. They showed the chocolate milk add she did a few years back, where when she licked her lips her mole came off. Now, the editor of Australia's Womans Weekly, Deb Thomas, said, ''She took an imperfection and made it into a multi million dollar business'' something like that anyway.

My first thought was WHAT!!!!!! since when did a mole become an imperfection!!!!!!

If that's the case most of us are covered in imperfections and I'm one of them! I've got loads of moles and freckles. I counted them a few years back and had about 764 of them. I've had some removed since, and I know some have grown, so it's probably about 800 by now. And as much as I don't like them and wish I didn't have them, I've NEVER thought of them as ''imperfections''!

Sice when have moles been imperfections. She absolutely astounded me with that dumb arse comment and now it looks like I'll have to write a letter to Deb as well ....

a very pissed off, moley Jewels!


  1. blame her for people having low self esteem....

    and maybe bring up Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot, also an imperfection?? I THINK NOT!!!

    whats up with these magazine editors being morons....

  2. I don't know ... but if they're not telling us we need to be a size 0 and completely flawless, they're telling us we're just not good enough!

    Screw you magazine editors!!!!!!!

  3. @ Al : Word!!!

    I cannot tolerate people that have such moronic point of views, arguments,... I bet Deb is such a sex symbol too, yeah... How many surgeries? Psh.

    *leaves the Bitchfest mumbling like a mad woman*

  4. Deb Thomas is in her 40's and isn't that fantastic. Kinda looks like a horse!


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