Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Australia's New Idea editor, Mirella, can't get her gossip straight! Then GET OFF TV!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're going to get paid to gossip for a magazine, paper, or blog, then get your fucking facts straight! Stop making them up as you go along, because it's just shit spewing out of your mouths!

All of these ''pro go's'' - that's professional gossipers - just can't help themselves! They have new idea, make that NO IDEA what the hell they're talking about. Case in point. The editor of Australia's New Idea Magazine.

She was on The Morning Show with her gossip and completely ballsed it up. So I just had to send her a letter -

Dear Mirella,

I saw you on The Morning Show yesterday, Tues 27th, and you mentioned that Ghost Whisperer star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, was dating a guy by the name of ''Jamie Rogers''. If you knew ANYTHING about gossip, you would know to get your facts straight before shooting your mouth off. She's dating her co-star, Jamie Kennedy. The comedian turned actor. But then what can one expect from the editor of a magazine that had Bec Hewitt dating a man that actually turned out to be her brother.

How's that lawsuit going by the way?

I'm so sick to death of ''professional gossipers'' completely ballsing up their gossip. You lot need to get your bloody facts straight, or get out of the gossip industry. Because you can't get it right to save your lives. The amount of mistakes I've heard from everybody on tv and radio is astounding.

All you need to do is watch Entertainment Tonight, and then you'll get it right. But NOOO, you just like to make it all up as the words spew out of your mouths.

It's Complete and utter BULLSHIT!!!!

So that was my letter. And for those that don't know, Bec Hewitt is the ex-actress and wife of tennis champ Leyton Hewitt. Now I wait for the reply!

Jewels xxoo


  1. brilliant letter. round of applause!

    you think she could at least get the names straight if thats what she is paid to do...

    let us know if there is a reply!!!

  2. LMAO! Tell em like it is girlfriend! Hilarious today.

  3. Hahaha! The letter is perfect.
    You should take over the gossip world, darling.

  4. Yes Cynthia, that was the point of this blog.

    See I had it all planned, I was Australia's answer to that knob Perez Hilton! My blog would be far more popular than his and win multiple blog awards! And I'm NOT a knob! lol Still no answer, may never get one, but if she does it again, she'll get another letter. So will everybody else that can't get their facts straight!

    Jewels Diva blogger extraordinaire!

    I think I'll do well in a nation wide magazine or newspaper. I'll be hugely popular and everyone will rave about me. Now ... about those jobs ....

  5. Hahaha! Let's start your gossip newspaper!!! I can totally see it happening. You'll be the #1 sold newspaper worldwide, everybody will want to write gossips for you... and you'll be filthy rich. Do you think your husband Michael will tolerate the fact that his wife is more successful? LOL

  6. Of course Darling! He's getting old, he'll have to retire soon anyway. LMAO


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