Friday, April 3, 2009

Michelle Obama is a frump when it comes to dressing herself. Which she can't do!

I gotta say, I may be the only one that thinks this. I've seen her outfits from day one, and there are tmes she just cannot choose a decent outfit.

The black and red dress, that looked absolutely atrocious. And F-U-G-L-Y!The fugly lemongrass yellow dress and revolting coat, with olive gloves and forest green shoes. Hell, like that all matched. And it's F-U-G-L-Y!
And the ugly white dress she danced in. It made her look pregnant.
Plus the white coat she wore. Ugh!
The yellow and black outfit coming off the plane.I think it's a yellow dress and black coat belted in with a black belt.I've seen her outfits while she's in England, and she just has no idea. A white top and black skirt, unless it was a dress, with a cardigan. F-R-U-M-P-Y!
A coloured outfit with a nice matching jacket in blue tones. While that was nice, the jacket was too tight and so it srunched at the waist. And then there's this outfit, while nice in colour, and I do like the cardi, it's just too short.
Now as much as I'd love to be able to buy a new outfit for everyday like she seems to, she doesn't always shop at Target like she claims. Now she's into the New York designer, who would charge a hefty price, and the pink lace Tracey Reese dress she wore on the cover of a mag a month ago, is $400. And the white coat she wore to England, $289. Must be nice having the money to go and buy.

Yeah, I'll be doing that one day!

And she never seems to wear the same thing twice. Although ET reported that she wore those forest green shoes in England. Big whoop! She wore a pair of shoes twice. How many times do you wear yours?

Now while she appears put together there are three things that I have been noticing.

1 - She can't seem to stand straight. She looks frumpy and her clothes end up a bit saggy at the waist, allowing people to mistake it for a baby bump.

2 - She can't seem to colour co-ordinate every piece. Forest green shoes, olive gloves and a yellow outfit do not go together.

3 - She needs to get her jackets/cardigans in a larger size. Many times I've seen her wearing them, as in the above shown pics, buttoned up, which would be fine, if they were the next size up. The buttons end up pulling, making the jacket scrunch up around her middle, and they're too short anyway. You don't have them ending on your hips, it just looks odd. She needs to get a size bigger and it will have more space so it will not srunch up. If my mother saw me in one of those she'd tell me to get a bigger size so it didn't look ridiculous.

Michelle, your mama says you look ridiculous, now dress yourself properly!

She is not the bee's knees, not the be all and end all, not the fashion icon they all keep raving about. She is just the wife of the president of a country. And I certainly won't be taking after her, 'cause she can't dress herself!!!!!!!

Big fucking whoop!

A very annoyed, but fashionably dressed, Jewels xxoo


  1. I don't agree with her fashion sense all the time neither!!! But seriously I wonder why we should care what clothes she's wearing; she's not a fashion designer and don't plan to be one and she's no fashion critic either. I bet she misses the day she would dress fugly and nobody would take pictures and discuss it and then discuss about her super-wonderwoman arms? lol I know I would hate that kind of spotlight!!! I mean we all have our days, huh... LOL

    That being said I'd like the media to give her more credit on what she has to say then what she has to wear.

    But the bow dress she wore in Prague was absolutly disgusting LOL Alice in Wonderland gone bad.

  2. LMAO, my mother thought she looked like a waitress in that bow dress.


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