Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Easter here in Australia, so Happy Easter!!!! Get sick on chocolate people!!!!

It's Easter here in Aus and it goes from today, Friday the 10th, to Monday the 13th. I've already gorged myself on Mars Bar, Malteaser, and peppermint eggs, along with Ernest Hilliers's. I also have two Red Tulip rabbits to eat. I feel sick, I feel fat, and I'm having choc chip hot cross buns for tea tonight.
Here's a tip for hot cross buns. Open them up, smother them in butter, wack them in the micro for 1 minute, then smoosh a small egg into the top and slap on the bottom. The egg melts into the bun and makes it more delish.

a very sick feeling Jewels :(
and it's only Friday :(

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