Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What the hell was Kim Watkins wearing today on channel ten's 9am????

I don't give a flying fat rats if the pink frilly dress she wore today was a Wayne Cooper or not, it was revolting, too frilly, and made her look like an old hag.

I also don't give a fat rats that it's the Loreal Fashion Week in Melbourne.

Wayne Cooper, you should be ashamed of yourself, making something like that for women to wear, but then YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY a man, and apparently you don't treat women well, so what can we really expect from a man who beat up his girlfriend/wife/partner.

Kimmy, a word of advice, don't EVER wear that absolute piece of shit again!

Oh, and big Dave, you looked verrrryyyy spunky in black and grey!!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo

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