Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trinny and Susannah, Therese Rein and Kerri-anne Kennerly. Do these women let their men dictate what they buy?

So Trinny and Susannah are back in Aus, and telling everyone what to wear. Which is fine, but it seems that Kerri-anne Kennerly has taken an offence to what they said about Therese Rein, the prime minister's wife.

It would seem they merely said - ''A STURDY pair of opaque tights and a good blow-dry could transform the Prime Minister's wife into the glamourpuss that is lurking within her.''

So what the hell is wrong with that?????????????????????

Kerri-anne took offence to it and asked people to write in with their thoughts. It's not like they told her she needed to get a makeover for God's sake. A pair of tights and a blow wave, what the hell is wrong with that??????

I personally hate Kevin Dudd, er Rudd. So I don't like Therese either. She may be very nice, but her dress sense is atrocious. She's fat! There I said it, getting the big fat elephant out of the way. Fat people, if they don't care to lose weight, need to dress for their proportions. She doesn't. That revolting white frilly coat did absolutely nothing. Neither does most of her clothes.

Maybe Trinny and Susannah need to give her a makeover.

Still speaking of the girls, they appeared on channel 7's, Sunrise and The Morning Show. On Sunrise, they were giving tips for buying in the recession. Something got mentioned about having too many clothes/shoes, and how we don't need to go and buy anything else, just recycle what we've got when Susannah mentioned that her husband cut up her credit card because she was buying too many clothes.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susannah has possibly made more money than her husband has in his entire lifetime, and yet she let him cut up her credit card. And NO ONE said ANYTHING.

I take great offence to women who hide their purchases, and feel to scared to mention what they've bought. I find it verrryyyy offensive to hear women deny themselves, and let men run their lives. Because that's what that was. Susannah didn't stand up to her husband and tell him to bugger off, and cut up his own card.

Here's my thoughts -

If you have a job that earns money, and you make sure your mortgage/rent/bills are paid on time, so you have a roof over your head, and the electricity's on etc, and you have money left over, you are perfectly free to spend it however you want.

So here's my beef -

Why the hell do women think they have to hide their purchases from their partners. You have a paying job, you pay your bills, then why the hell can't you buy what you want. Why do you need to hide it and then lie about it?

''Oh no sweetie, this thing, it's old. No, I got it ages ago.''

And yet the tags are still hanging off it!!!!!

I am a single chickie babe, and so have my own money. Even when I have a partner, I don't answer to him. Whatever I want to buy I have EVERY RIGHT TO! I DO NOT answer to any man, I answer to myself. If I have money after paying the bills, then I'm free to spend it. If I book it up on credit, then I keep my monthly shopping to a limit I can afford to pay off.I DON'T need to let him know, but I don't lie about it. What I buy is my business, not his.

So girls, for God's sake, stop lying about what and when and where and how much. You don't have to. What you do with your money is your business not his.

Men certainly don't bother telling you what they buy, or how much it was, or where they got it from. If they ask, tell them, but you don't have to offer the info because it isn't their business.

And stop feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Because that would be the only reason you're scared to tell him, only when he asks, you feel ashamed or embarrassed about something.

Why????? What is it??????

Girls, I seriously think you need to start figuring out why you're too scared to say anything. If you're not in debt and pay all your bills, then be proud that you can afford to buy things. That you have your own money from a paying job. That you are an individual human being that doesn't need ANYBODY'S permission to buy what you want. For Christ's sake girls, grow a brain and get a grip on your life. It is your business, not his!

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