Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dr.Phil has his say on Octomum Nadya Suleman. When will he and his family go back to Texas and leave us all alone?

Well, I didn't think I'd be writing about this again so soon, but I had to throw my two cents back in when Dr.Phil decided to throw his two cents in. Although at this stage he seems to be throwing a hell of a lot more in. I'm talking about his say on the Octomum, Nadya Suleman. I was watching The View this week, when Phil popped up and they asked him about Octomum. He also had his say on Chris Brown and Rihanna, but we'll stick to the brainless chick with 14 kids for now.It seems that America's most interferring doctor has spoken to the Octomum, and made his comments about her mental stability. He believes she's a ''very intelligent, bright person, but has no grasp on reality''.
Well duh! We all coulda told you that!
What the hell she was thinking I don't know, but what the hell was he thinking by getting involved.
Well, Phil seems to have a habit of forcing himself on people where he may not be wanted, like poor, poor Britney Spears a couple of years ago. Phil actually went to the hospital to see her when she was rudely taken there because her mental stability was not stable.
Phil thought he could help, he only hindered. By getting himself on Entertainment Tonight more than Britney.
But now he's having a say on Octomum, and having her on his show this week I see.
God helps us all. We don't need the likes of Phil in this world. Okaayyy, some of you may need him because you're completely incapable of pulling your fat heads out of your fat arses and growing some brains and balls, but most of us are actually quite sane thank you very much.
No way Josè, I don't need Phil to interuppt my life cause he thinks he knows best. I don't need to see his wife Robin McGraw throwing herself at everyone. Either with her books, or her new journal, cd, or tote bags. She can damn well tote herself away back to the kitchen she came from. She was a nobody, just like Phil, but thanks to his fame and fortune she gets her way around Hollyweird more than he does. The next thing we'll hear about is her getting a new show of her own. And since Phil owns his show, and the new show ''The Doctors'' that he produces along with his son Jay McGraw, then it may not be too far away that we see the 55 year old Robin with her own talk show.
Oprah, look out! This is what you created, and now you can't stop it.
Jewels xx00


  1. Hahaha, he SHOULD go back to his goddamn Texan ranch. Not that I don't like Texans; I just hate Dr. Phil. I highly detest how he wants to get into people's lives and have his say and stick his dick anywhere he can for publicity?! Sometimes it might be with all the best intention in a very Dr.Phi way but... I'm skeptic. And really, I don't think this OctoBitch needed more attention than what the tabloids and paparashiznit are given her right now. Should have kept the moustache in his shit show studio.

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand the necessity of having Robin on his show? I mean she's just sitting there being all air head with the fashionable clothes, laughing with an empty look in the eyes or just nodding to support whatever Moustachio is babbling to his audience. If she's his sidekick then it's the worst in the history of TV. Chewy (on Chelsea Lately) is way, WAY better.

  2. Gotta agree, I understand she's there to support him, but God, how boring would it be sitting there listening to him babble on about shit. Unless it's the million dollar paypacket he brings home and the $1000 shoes she gets to buy that keeps her there. Ah, the comfort of money .....


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