Friday, March 20, 2009

Do you love CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, CSI Miami, and CSI New York? Then DON'T join CSI Files!

Do you guys love CSI, CSI Miami, and CSI New York? Great!, just don't join Talk CSI at CSI Files. Especially the New York forum.

A new friend of mine is a member of the New York threads, especially those of Carmine Giovinazzo, the stud in the above picture, and the man I call my lover >>>> check my sidebar, anyhoo, she recently told me about all the hoohaa over the nickname she gave Carmine.


However, it would seem that one of the mods in the NY forum, has got her verrrry tight g-string knickers in a verrryy big twist over the nickname. The following paragraphs are the conversation between my friend, other members and the mod. I've included all but my friend's name, but CSI Files is relatively easy to find.
my friend -

Awwwww, doesn't Carmie look cute in his hat, isn't the movie worth watching if only for the boys of New York. ---- , love your avvie, Aretha's damn hat has made the rounds and Hill looks so cute in it. Wonder what Carmine would look like in it, hint hint, better than his fedora maybe. Although fedoras are quite popular here in Aus, and I'm looking into getting some myself. Bright colours of course, not poo brown, ewww. And just on the glasses, Hill has worn glasses on NY before, however, tortoiseshell ones don't look very nice on him.NY still isn't on here in Aus, Miami is still the last series, Vegas is coming back tonight, but no NY at this stage. Last year when we ended, it had gone two eps into the new series, but it actually seemed the same as the last one. Hard to decipher where the last ended and the new started.

jolein - the bitch poster -
For the love of anything can we please not call Carmine Carmie.Not only is it an insult to Carmine but it is also disrespectful and annoying.

Top41, also know as Kristine Huntley - the bitch moderator -
-------, you've been asked several times to not call the actor by that silly nickname--please stop!

So then my friend got quite pissed off, and I did too, over the ridiculousness over a nickname for Christ's sake. She responded in kind -

To those that don't like MY nickname for Carmine, so what! I'm surprised that one word in a whole sentence, one word in a whole post can affect people so much. I can see why so many have left since I've been here, that's three years this year. I post every now and then, since NY isn't on here in Aus, there's not much point in me leaving comments, so I only post about Carmine, and what he's up to.
Top - can't say I remember being told several times to stop, I only vaguely remember once where you may have said you didn't like it and could I not do it again, several years ago. Considering I only ocassionally call him that, and that it's my nickname for him, there's been times I've used it, even recently, and no one has said anything. It's not hurting anyone by me calling him that. I'm showing my affection for him in my way. I'm surprised there's a big thing about it now.

Jolein - It's hardly an insult to him, I adore Carmine, and if I want to ocassionally call him Carmie then I will. It's also not disrespectful in any way shape or form. You're the only one that I've seen whinge about it. If you don't like it, tough! Get over yourself.

This thread/forum is for showing our love for the actors we most adore. For me, that's Carmine, that's my nickname for him, and in no way do I disrespect, accuse, insult, or am rude to him. Unlike some of the past sexual innuendos that have gone on that could be seen as insulting, and have gone unnoticed, and unmentioned.

There are many times that posts have pissed me off or annoyed me, and I've been disgusted by some of the crap that goes on between people in the past, but I don't bother with it and move on. If a simple nickname gets you angry then I say that says more about you than anything else.Get a life people. If someone's nickname for an actor annoys you, get over it. We're all here to shower love and adoration on our favourite actors, so a nickname is hardly an offence to get you knickers in a knot over. For God's sake people! It's ONLY a nickname!

bitch jolein -
Wow,thank you for insulting me and saying I should get over it.And I do think it is inappropriate to give him a nickname,since you don`t know the guy personally and really it does sound childdish.

Apparently the poster can NOT ONLY not spell, but she actually thought that being told to get over herself was an insult. And here I was thinking that the Americans gave us that term!!!!! Hmmmmm!

bitch Top41 -
------, nicknaming someone you don't know isn't appropriate and is frankly juvenile. You want to do it elsewhere, fine. But you're being asked now in no uncertain terms to knock it off here. As for your attitude towards others who don't like it, telling people to "get a life" and "get over yourself" isn't appropriate. If you post in this manner again, you'll get an official warning. Let's get back on topic, folks. Thanks.

Wowwwwww, someone REALLLY got their knickers in a knot! She really has a chip on her shoulder. Being a moderator has gone to her head, and she thinks she runs the place. Ah, NO, you don't! The person who made the site runs the place.

But it would seem that you just can't give your fav actor a nickname anymore without someone shitting all over you.

and then someone named - 'beautifulsong' - made a post -
Hi first post just dropping in because I DO know carmine and although I don't nickname (nor do I hang out with him constantly we are NOT best friends, just casually acquainted) I find this whole thing funny and so would carmine. I don't think there is anything inappropriate about nicknaming a person you don't know. And trust me hon, carmine would not have a problem with it. He would actually find it funny that people are putting him on such a high pedastol (sp) as to even make it a point to get heated about.

Personally all the things that people say about the different actors on this site (NONE of whom I have met by the way, I'm not trying to come off as some hollywood insider) I'm surprised the person warned was warned for something so trivial and people actually got their panties in a bunch. Carmine is not the type that likes to be put on a pedastol. It's uncomfortable for him. So adoration is nice but he likes to feel like a real person not a worshipped thing.No I can't give you a ton of proof that I know him because private pics are just that PRIVATE (get your mind out of the gutter I don't have THOSE kinds of pics, as I've said before I don't know him in that way).

So believe me or not just go with your gut instinct and remember he's a regular guy and not some holy statue. Case In Point. I originally got this account I don't know how long ago specifically to post something to bust his balls and have him read it. I couldn't figure out something funny enough that didn't have too many inside jokes as to have people scratching their heads and wondering what's up with the weird post. So I've never posted and probably won't again. But I do read the board from time to time and just HAD to comment on this silliness. Take care and God Bless. P.S. Carmine took it in perfect stride when I kept slipping up and calling him Carmen when I first got to know him. He didn't get all bent out of shape and neither should you.

bitch jolein -

BeautifulSong,Thank you kindly for your response but I do think you are missing the point here.I do believe you when you say he wouldn`t mind but the point is that most people who post here don`t know him personally and there for it is inappropriate to give him a nickname or shorten his name.It is called respect to someone.I doubt that anyone here puts him on a pedestal or holy statue either.Most of us respect the guy for what he does and yes,sometimes are very shallow but all in good fun and with respect.

then someone called - fm62 also added her support of my friend -

I wasn't going to post on this, as it's really none of my business, but have found myself thinking of this a few times since it happened. The girl who originally posted "Carmie" is Australian and she did point out that this was normal practice where she comes from. Every Australian that came to train with my company called me "Frannie" which I hated with a passion, but I didn't say anything as it was done in an endearing way and is just part of their culture.It is of course acceptable to say that as this is a US site, we should all adhere to US values while we're here. I thought it was (unintentionally, of course) culturally insensive to suggest it was silly, childish or juvenile, when it is something even a 90 year old Aussie would do.

Being a middle-aged British woman, I find it weird that we all call the actors, who we don't know, by their first name, rather than give them their full title. It seems overpersonal, but I'm starting to get used to it. Of course younger people here are no longer so old-fashioned and will find it normal practice.No offence meant to anyone, I do find it facinating how different people from different cultures view things and how each culture can take differing conclusions when watching the same scenes in this or any other programme. That's why the blue flu discussion was so interesting to me.

then bitch jolein decided to get out of the argument she started, since she obviously saw my friend was getting support and that she was getting nowhere, although she seems to have a problem with more members than just my friend. seriously, she needs to get over herself -

Maybe it is a cultural saying but if it gets to the point were it is annoying and people have asked to stop it,then it has nothing to do with culture.And that is what happend in this case with the nickname.But I`ll leave it to the mods to step in futher before it gets out of hand and that is not what this discussion thread is about.

then bitch Top41 had her final say -

It's not about putting Carmine on a pedestal, it's about maintaining some decorum here. And the official warning comment stemmed from ----- comment to jolein, not her use of the silly nickname.Can we drop the issue now? Thanks.

Wellllll, that's BULLSHIT!!!!!! If you retrace the postings, then it IS about the nickname. So, I decided to see if I could do anything about it. I went to Carmine's band site - - also in my sidebar. I clicked on contact and was taken to their My Space site and sent them a letter.

I asked Carmine if he minded being called Carmie, told him of my friend's predicament, and asked if he could let her know if it was alright.

Well, Michael Brasic, the drummer and manager of their My Space page, answered me, and here's his reply -

Jewels, Carmine doesn't have enough hours in the week to check this page. My name is Michael and I'm the drummer in Ceesau I also monitor this page and answer all messages.

I'm sorry a pet name has caused so much drama for you and your friend! Personally,I can only attest to the following... No one calls Carmine "Carmie" that I'm aware of? I sometimes refer to him as "Carm" but most days he's just Carmine...

Carmine is a very kind and decent person, so I'm guessing he wouldn't mind your pet name? However his friends and family call him "Carmine" I do know one thing and that is that he would dislike the thought of anyone acting rude or unkind in regards to a "pet name given to him by a fan? I hope this helps clear up any questions you may have? Thanks for all your love and support!!XOXXOOXOXXOXM

Awwwww how sweet! Carmine doesn't mind. The thought of my friend being rudely treated for it would upset him more than the nickname himself! How really sweet! So while no one else calls him Carmie, so what! then it's no problemo if my friend calls him that out of love and respect.

Poor Carmine, I hope he laughs this off, cause my poor friend isn't. I've told her to throw in the towel like all before her, she's been a member for three years this year, but she wants to stay to support the show AND Carmine! That puts her between a rock and a hard place.

And let me tell you some other things she's told me. People have come and gone since she joined, and when she did, one member in particular was so completely rude to her it was repulsive. Their main complaint is that their opinions and thoughts were always ridiculed and scoffed at. They are insulted and demeaned, other posters think they have the right to treat them rudely and treat them like shit.

THAT'S WHY THEY LEAVE! So beware people, if you love CSI New York, don't become a member.

There was a thread made to find out why members didn't post about two years ago. The most common two complaints were, losing interest, and being treated badly. Well the mods at the time, Top41/Kristine Huntley being one of them, both said they were trying to change the way people treated each other.


That hasn't happened at all. In fact, my friend made a post late last year, and it was completely taken the wrong way and she was told off by the other mod, this one's new, Elsie. Well she contacted Elsie privately and made her statement, to which Elsie apologised for taking it the wrong way. And that's the main problem. Most people, including the mods, especially Kristine, take things the wrong way. So if your english isn't good, you can't make yourself understood, or you're very passionate with strong opinions and thoughts, then don't bother joining, it just makes it worse for you.

If you come from another country or have ways of doing things, then they will get shit all over too. Apparently one person's way of doing things is NOT RESPECTED on this site, as suggested by jolein. She claimed it was ''annoying people'', well the only person it annoyed was her. STIFF FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!! And that's Aussie slang for ya bitch! The way we Aussies do things is our way, in no way disrespectful, and in no way any of your fucking business! If a nickname gets ya knickers in a knot then fucking well pull them out of ya arse and get over yourself!

Jolein has been a member since 2004, my friend joined in 2006, but so what, that doesn't give her the right to bitch about something that has NO-FUCKING-THING to do with her! A nickname is a nickname is a nickname! STIFF FUCKING SHIT! GET OVER YOURSELF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it would seem that if you love CSI: Vegas, Miami or New York, great, just don't go to the New York forum and join. It sucks!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I HAVE to comment on this!!!!!!!

    The many dramas on the forums (well, I can only talk about CSI:NY forums because I only read them) are the reason why I am revolted into joining them... I lurk in the shadows and I've "witness" the stupidity over a fucking NICKNAME that wasn't even insulting in any way (or life threatening either). I mean, they can have their fangirl conversations and sometimes what is being said is "insulting" or just plain disturbing, but a nickname set their g-strings on fire? I don't understand their logic most of the time. A nickname is not respecting the actor if I follow their definition of respect, but talking about how he should get naked for them and blablablawhatevertheyaresaying is showing respect to that person. See what I'm sayin'? Nonsense. But I'm sure Carmine don't even care about the fangirl stuff either so it's all good. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy fangirling from time to time but I don't keep my head in my asshole like they seem to do.

    I didn't thought your friend's nickname for Carmine was insulting. It was just weird in a funny way because my aunt's nickname IS Carmie LOL (we're Italians, her name is Carmelina). And if the people that talked trash about your friend are Ceesau fans, they should be ashamed to be so close-minded about other cultures because it seems to me, correct me if I'm wrong (feel the sarcasm), that Ceesau is all about A WORLD IN BALANCE... and isn't it the point of forums to talk with people over the WORLD, share and discuss about a common interest?! If you want to keep it American shit way then spare you the dramaz and just don't accept non American members!!!

    And really... they DO take their Internetz "job" way too seriously. Oh, I got a nickname for that kind of behaviour and it's in French omgz!1!1 : constipation cérébrale.

    Well, that was a long way to say that I thought they were being extremely ignorant and puerile with your friend (who seems as nice as you, by the way). I support the Aussie side of this drama LOL It was very nice of Brasic to reply to your message but I don't understand why he thought Carmie was a pet name? LOL That was funny. Oh, and he calls him Carm?! HAHAHA! With all the nickname throwing, we should nickname Carmine : Carmeleon xD

    - From a French Canadian who adores Aussies, and enjoys the Bitchfest ;)

    (and I was the first time since I've started enjoying CSI:NY that I have talked with another CSI:NY fan lol)

  2. and IT* was the first time...

    Sorry about the disgusting typo. Top41 would have shoot me if it was on the forum LOL

  3. Ha, ha, ha, yeah, I agree with my friend too. She emailed me back in Jan after finding my blog and asked me to join. I checked out the place and saw what they did to her, so I started contacting her and asking questions. Absolute bullshit is what I think. She hasn't posted the letter from Brasic yet, she emailed the administrator of Talk CSI and asked her what the rules and regulations of the place were, and is still waiting for an answer. She might post it all then. It's no different to shortening Edward to Eddie, as in Eddie Cahill, duh, helllooooo!!!!! And the funny thing is, is that the owner of the site, the guy who set it up, I think is European!!! So how the fuck does that radiate to ''being an American site''?????

  4. Wow, how am I just reading this now, PerfectAnomaly, thanks for outing my friend, NOT! Sounding like you're as big a bitch as Kristine and Jolein!

    I've read alot of posts over there and she was no more childish than others. The mods DO NOT run the board! Christian, THE OWNER runs the board. The mods, especially Kristine has become quite a bitch over the last couple of years, and some of you, yes, I'm now including you, should pull your heads out.

  5. I'm a member of the bored (although I can't remember the last time I posted) Anyways I remember reading that! I thought it was stupid the way they reacted. And when top said thet it was juvinille to give someone you don't know a nickname the first thing I thought was "But posting photos and making lude comments about someone you don't know is ok?". Logical.

  6. I've said in another post about this drama that we were over with it but I'm just glad to read your comment, Anonymous! I thought exactly like you did about it but I guess people will always make rules as they go or bend them to suit their needs.

  7. Love you Anon, we all think it's bullshit, and yeah, we've had enough. But if you've got friends that feel the same, let them know about this post.


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