Sunday, February 22, 2009

Octomum, Nadya Suleman thinks she is Angelina Jolie!

Octomum, or Nadya Suleman, as her mother named her, believes she is Angelina Jolie. Is anybody else completely sick of this woman? I am so sick of seeing a story everyday on tv. Will she be able to care for the kids? Is she getting a new house? Has she gotten millions of dollars for the story? Will she be kicked out of her house?

However, at this stage, it isn't her house. It's her mother's. God knows why she let her daughter and six kids move in, let alone eight more. She claims once the kids come home she's moving out. I don't know why you'd move out of your own home just to let your bitch of a daughter take it over. Although word on the street is that she's behind in mortgage payments and may have the house taken out from under her. That would suck. Knowing that you lost your house because of your daughter taking all your money to support her six kids. That sucks Octomum. You're nothing but a selfish leech, sucking from society. Claiming you'll take care of your kids. And who'll take care of them while you're back at school? You're expecting your mother will. Guess again. She's movin' out!

As for poor Angelina, there's no way Nadya will ever be like her. Firstly, Angie don't need ivf, she's got Brad for Christ's sake. Secondly, she's still only got six kids, no need for eight at one time. And Angie will always be the better person, because she can care and pay for her kids without leeching from society to do it.

I hate leeches!


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