Sunday, February 22, 2009

A National day of mourning for Victoria, no thanks Kevin Rudd, you can all piss off!

I think I'm possibly the only person to not agree with the national day of mourning for Victoria. I think it's a big load of bullshit. Especially since most of Queensland is underwater and nobody's doing a damn thing to help them. The poor bastards, Qland was flooded and people were helping, then Victoria went up in smoke and everybody turned away.

Queenslanders are struggling to cope, with a boy tragically taken by a croc, and two men swept away. Who knows who else is dead because of it, but no one seems to care anymore. Oh no, that's because Victoria is more important. And three people dead is not as important as 209.

It sucks that hundreds of people are dead. It sucks that thousands of homes are gone. It sucks that towns are burnt to the ground and bushland eaten up by a hungry fire. Yes, it does suck that this has happened, and is still happening. But the Victorian bushfires are not the be all and end all of what's going on in this country.

Queensland is flooded, pensioners are suffering with lack of money, the country is in a shit hole because of Kevin bloody Rudd, and all he cares about is Victoria, and a national day of mourning. Trying to make himself look big and powerful and wonderful. No, we wont be crying out, ''yay Kevvy, you're incredible'', anytime soon. No, not at all. It would just make his head bigger than it already is, and we can't afford a Prime Minister with a massively inflated ego running this country. In fact, someone had better burst it soon, or he will end up flying away with all the inflation. Wait, that may not be such a bad idea after all.

I don't want to mourn, I don't want to be told that I should. I'm sick to bloody death of being told I should mourn for things that I don't believe in, or I have no emotion for. I'm not saying I have no compassion. I just have so much going on in my life, that I don't have the time to live somebody elses. I have to live my life and deal with my issues, I don't have the energy or emotion to live other people's problems.

Kevin bloody Rudd apologised to the aboriginals, although he should have apologised for them for letting them get away with all they've gotten away with, but what he should have apologised for is being a bloody dickhead.

I will not be told by Kevin bloody Rudd when and how I should mourn, or if I should at all. Do not fill my day with depressing shit on tv, all three stations mind you, and the radio, all broadcasted from the Rod Laver arena. I don't want to see it. I don't want to be depressed. I don't want to wallow in tragedy like so many seem to want to. I want to get on with life and live every day like it's the best there is. Two weeks of depressing shit on tv was enough. More than enough. I didn't watch it after the first day. It was more a battle of channels 9 and 7 competing to who could get their reporters to the nearest fire in the same town, with the same backdrop, than it was about reporting. Boring as batshit people!

Qlanders still haven't gotten the 2 million dollars that was raised for them. Oh no, but Victorians DO NOT need over 150 million that's been raised for them. Kevin Rudd, and Victorian premier John Brumby, have promised them that their mortgages/home loans/new houses will be paid for. That the towns will be rebuilt brick by brick. That their lives will somehow be put back together again.

I believe they should all be told to move. People should not live surrounded by bush. One flick of a cigarette, lighter, downed power line, car backfire etc can cause what we have seen this year. And every year. Year after year, summer after summer, there are fires in the states of Australia. Port Lincoln in South Aus, twice, Canberra, NSW. Did you give them 150 million? Did you rebuild their towns, homes and lives? They've all had fires.

Ash Wednesday, Black Friday, do people NOT LEARN from these fires. The answer is simple. DO NOT LIVE surrounded by bush. DO NOT LIVE in a place surrounded by bush that fire fighters cannot get to. DO NOT LIVE in a remote area that makes it impossible for you to save yourselves. And for God's sake, make the choice to leave, and DO leave long before the fire even gets to you. Because losing your life, or your family's life, is SO not worth trying to save a fricken house! Family and lives before a fucking house should always be the number 1 rule!

I don't believe they need 150 million. I don't believe I should donate. I do believe that not all of the money will make it into the charities collecting donations. I know alot of people say they'll donate just to get their name on tv. Well, let's see if it gets sent in. Anybody who buys something, pays a bill, owns a home etc, pays tax. Our tax payer dollars are already going to rebulid their towns/houses/lives, why the hell should we give them anymore? It's making me sick, that there's millions going to the Victorians. Yes, they are in need, but not 150 million dollars worth, and not my tax payers dollars worth either!

Why don't you give half to the Queenslanders that have lost their homes/cattle/jobs, and help them out because they damn well deserve it too! They're going hungry, because food drops have stopped. They're still under flood but no one gives a shit. Well I do! Anna Bligh, pull your head out of your arse and help the people that didn't vote you in. After all, if you don't, come the next election sweetheart, you'll be gone.

A very pissed off and sick to fucking death, Jewels!

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