Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naomi Watts naked - who gives a shit, and why can't people pronounce her damn name properly?

Recently, pics of actress Naomi Watts have made their way to our screens. I won't be displaying any, as they've been everywhere and I have no need to show them.
She's standing on a balcony, adjusting her robe. She knew she was naked under there, she knew she was on a public balcony, she knew there would be the chance of someone taking a photo. She has no excuse for saying she didn't know, or doesn't understand how these pics came to light. When you're on a balcony, there's always someone looking.

As for the name. Why can't so many people pronounce Naomi? It isn't Ni-o-me, it's Nay-o-me. Jesus people, get your shit together and learn to pronounce a person's name properly!

And as for her being naked, like there's not more important shit going on in the world, that we would give a shit about her naked!

Love a very clothed Jewels xxoo

Although not for much longer. My gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly, is taking me swimming........ isn't he soooo cute!

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