Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liars, Gossipers and Perez Hilton! Can you pick who's telling the truth?

I'm blasting the shit out of gossipers today. Now while I gossip about people, I do not make things up! Perez Hilton, prize liar and gossiper does. Magazines such as New Idea, Woman's Day and a variety of others do.

I'm constantly reading stories about celebrities, and the magazines claiming ''a close friend'' or ''a source close to the celeb'' talked to them. It's a crock of shit. Absolutely! They don't talk to these people. They don't track down these ''sources'' or ''close friends'' and discuss their supposed friend's business. If they did, they wouldn't be a friend of the celeb. Like celebs want their besties to give away secrets. Of course there are those that do, merely for the attention they will get for it, but I'm sure they are few and far between.

Mags continually bombard us with story after story, week after week, about celebs and their secrets. Their private conversations - which I'm surprised the mags would find out about - their diets, their marriage woes, their children issues.

Week after week, the mags feed us the biggest load of bullshit! There is no way in hell, that they would get info from that close to the celebs.There's no way they would know, or have conversations with those around the celeb unless those people were after some money for themselves. And if that is the case, then I'm sure that the celeb will find out soon enough and boycott that so-called bestie.

One week a celeb is fat, the next, she's pregnant, the week after, her new diet regime to be anorexic. And God help the celeb if they're seen in the same photo with another celeb. Then they're dating, engaged, married, pregnant, seperating, divorcing, bickering about the children and dividing up the penthouses, mansions and fast cars. And all the celebs had the misfortune of was being in the same place at the same time.

Perez Hilton and other gossipers on the web and in mags and papers, make things up. Very obviously lately, Perez had Michelle Obama pregnant, then chopping her hair off, because in the pic he posted, it was short. It was only pinned up. Not chopped off. He writes about celebs by making up half, if not more, of the crap he spouts. A picture is his guide to what he slanders with. If someone isn't looking good, they're on drugs, just because their makeup's a bit white and powdery. It's pathetic. That people have to make things up to get attention. There are times he relies on other sources, but then you can't always trust what papers and mags write. Perez does!

Here's some news on his fantasy life and lies - True, you can't always rely on Wiki, but with a birth name of Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. you can't really trust a guy that likes to tell porkies, or looks like that, now can you?I rely on Entertainment Tonight. At least they actually go to the celeb themselves and get the story, instead of making it up. Good on ya E.T.

I don't buy magazines. I get them from my local library to stare at the pretty pictures. I don't read a lot of the stories they write because until I hear it out of the mouths of the celebs themselves, I don't believe a damn word of it. I know they make it all up. They all take a pic and tell a story that's not true. A U.K magazine was recently sued by Scarlet Johansen for making up such a story. They had a pic, made up what went with it. She wasn't happy.

What you do peoples is up to you. Do you believe what you read? Do you believe what gets written? Or do you wait until you hear it from the celeb?

A very gossipy Jewels.


  1. I absolutely refuse to buy the glossies since they become such gossip hounds. But I do buy them second hand, so that the money goes to charity, then chop them to bits and make collage poetry out of the text. But I rarely bother reading the stories.

  2. Absolutely, at least from my library, lots of people get to read them, and I love looking at the new fashions and bits and bobs. I don't read most stories as you just so know that they are a big load of crap. I'd rather wait for the person to tell everyone than believe what mags write.


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