Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jessica Simpson, who the fuck said she was fat?

I'm going to have my say on the stupidity of this story. Magazines and critics need to pull their heads out of their backsides and fuck off.

I am so fucking sick of magazines, who week after week run stories on celebs who aren't anorexic. And don't try to deny it, we all know you do it. One week it's, ''oh she's gone and got fat'', then the week after it's, ''oh my God, she's so skinny, here's the diet she used so you can make yourself thin too''.

Of course, there's also the ''oh my God she's pregnant'', when all it is, is that she's actually eaten something. But as for Jessica, what the fuck is wrong with the way she looks.

I cannot stress enough, how much this shit pisses me off.
Week after week, month after month, year after year. Magazine after magazine, after tv show, after gossip websites, all sprout the same bullshit. Anorexic is in, having a hot bod is out.
Jessica is all of what, 28? She's maturing, growing older. Hell! Id love to look that skinny. Stiff shit if her clothes looked awful. Although whoever recommended that she wear those God awful pants needs to be shot, and yes she could've had her top over the jeans with a belt on her hips, then no one would've said she was fat. But besides all that, these fucking critics need to be shot. And that goes along with the people who edit and run the damn magazines as well.

I'd like to ask the critic who claimed she was fat ... what the fuck do you look like???????????????
Huh? Well what do you look like???????? More than likely a fat, balding twat who has no idea about what a real woman looks like. Probably never seen one either?????

So while I am not a Jessica fan, she is not fat. Unlike the fat people who are fat and need to lose weight. All critics and magazines do is piss people off. We don't want to read it, we don't want to see it, we are absolutely sick to fucking death of what you say and what you do. If the women of the world have internal dialogue issues of not being good enough, it's because of you. Yes that's right. You are the problem that society has. And fashion designers claiming skinny is better for their clothes can piss off as well, but if the mags didn't have it in, it wouldn't be there for us to see.

I for one, am sick to fucking death of seeing it!
How about you?


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