Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Why it's time fat people pulled their big fat heads out of their big fat backsides.

Yes that's right people, it is time they did that. Why? Because I am so sick of their wondering why they're obese, have problems, and can't fit into an airplane seat.

Of course me having an absolute gutful of it stems from more than that. The Biggest Loser is back on Aussie tv, and has been for just over a week now. All they've done is cry, whinge and wail that they want to go home. How do I know? I don't, except for the ads, because I refuse to listen, let alone watch, a hour or two of that pissy dribble of rubbish. I just wish I could shove my fist through the damn tv screen and smack the bloody shit out of those people.

And recently on Dr.Phil, was a man who weighed more than 700 pounds. That's right, I said 700 pounds. And it's not the first time Phil has had obese people on, many other shows have done the same kind of stories, and just like with those, I change the channel.

Why? Because I'm sick of hearing people whinge. But I do have to tell you, there is two stages to the story.

1 - People who eat and eat and eat themselves to 700 pounds and then wonder why.

2 - The people who are obese and claim they're happy. Then turn around and lose weight or have gastric bypass.

Which is how you know they're bullshitting through their eye teeth.

I have clearly stated previously on my blog, that I am not a small size, I am not huge either. I love food. As the common saying goes, there is not a carb I haven't met that I don't like. Although in my case, I don't like rice. However, I have restraint. I can control what and how much I eat. If I want some chocolate, I don't sit and eat the whole block, or the whole bag of chips, or the whole packet of whatever it is you eat that makes you hundreds of pounds/kilos.

I have little bits of whatever I want throughout several days, so that I can have a couple of squares of delicious dark mint choc before breakfast. And let me tell you, being the first thing that touches your starved and deprived tastebuds first thing in the morning, followed by and icy cold glass of tropical fruit juice is freakin' heaven! But I don't eat the whole block! A little here, a little there, makes it last a lot longer.

I'm so sick of hearing people whinge that they've tried EVERY diet, EVERY shake, EVERY pill. Considering that there's several hundred I'm sure, that's pretty much impossible. And when you ask them how long they were on it for, they say, ''two days'', with this incredibly dumb look on their face.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? A diet won't shed all the weight you want to lose in three fucking days. You people need your heads read! No wonder the damn things don't work. Firstly, you don't find the right ''diet'' for yourself, and secondly, you don't stay on it long enough to see results.

As for fatty's, you ain't happy, so stop telling us you are. We all know it's a lie, and you end up losing weight anyway, so just stop bullshitting!

Because that's all you people do. If you're obese, you need to stop bullshitting to yourself and everyone else. We don't believe you, so I'm surprised you believe yourself.

You choose to eat, you choose to overstuff your face with food, you choose the lifestyle you are living. Stop blaming genetics, stop blaming food, stop blaming losing your job, your wife, your kids, your life. The only, and I MEAN ONLY person to blame, is yourself! You did this to yourself, you can choose to change it! So get off your fat arse, pull your fat head out and grow a brain.

Next to you, I'm anorexic.


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