Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Summer viewing is coming to an end!

9am with David ''Spunk Rat' Reyne and Kim ''pain in the arse'' Watkins, is back on channel 10. Finally, summer tv viewing is coming to an end with shows starting to pop up on each network.
I love Big Dave Reyne. As I've mentioned previously, he's a spunk rat. He was a spunk rat in the Chantoozies, and he's a spunk rat now. If only Kim would learn to stop being a picky bitch and leave him alone.
Me thinks it's a case of jealousy.
David's been around a lot longer, and done a lot more things, and Kimmy's been stuck on home soil tv and having kids. Not much of a life Kimmy, since your nitpicking David all the time for what he's done over the years.
You obviously weren't a Chantoozies fan!!!!!!
I was!

Luv ya Big Dave

By the way, completely agree about mobile phones. Who the hell needs all those gadgets anyway? Besides James Bond! And I prefer Pierce Brosnan over the others!

Love Jewels xxoo

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